Essay about The Function Of The Service

Essay about The Function Of The Service

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(6) Reaction and Analysis
The function of the service is to study and learn how to apply scriptural lessons to everyday life in order to become the best version of yourself while living a Christian life. The services also teach and encourage a strong personal relationship with God.
There were no apparent structures of inequality that I noticed. Unlike the Catholic Church I attend in Green Valley, younger community members are welcomed. This could have to do with the fact the Pastor has three young boys. He encourages a diverse population in his church and the encouragement of children to attend and be a part of the community is stressed and an important aspect of this diversity. As a resident of the Green Valley/ Sahuarita/ Amado area my entire life, I can say the communities surrounding the retirement communities are growing with young families and the atmosphere both in the church I attend (Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church), as well as Desert Lutheran, are gaining a younger population. I was pleased to see that this church is more welcoming than Our Lady of the Valley when it comes to the younger population. The church service was very welcoming. I was treated as if I had been attending Desert Lutheran always. I went fairly unnoticed as a new face which leads me to believe the church receives a fair amount of newcomers.
Desert Lutheran offers both what they call traditional and contemporary worship services. I don’t feel the traditional form of worship has changed much in the past 200 years. However, the contemporary brings new music into the fold as well as a more relaxed, less formalized atmosphere. During a traditional worship service, Pastor Overson has formal garb, similar to a priest in the Catholic Church. Howeve...

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...omers become members of the church each year, including how many visitors he feels he gets each week. Another interesting statistic would be how many people who are members of the church are winter visitors and how this effects the church during the summer months. I know this particular church had an expansion about two years ago and I would be curious to know how many new members have arrived since he became pastor at Desert Hills Lutheran.
Overall, I had a pleasant and interesting experience with Desert Hills Lutheran Church of Green Valley. I had some background knowledge of Lutheranism regarding symbolism differences between the Catholic Church and Lutheranism. I also learned about an accepting environment full of diversity both in age and race as well as the effect of modernization on church atmosphere. The message stays the same but the music changes.

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