The Function of Group Workshops Essay

The Function of Group Workshops Essay

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Group Workshops

The purpose of a group workshop is to allow individuals the chance to work together toward a common goal. The best way to achieve this is through the use of collaborative wikis. According to Rebecca Lundin in her article Teaching with Wikis: Toward a Networked Pedagogy, “By viewing teaching as a networked activity, we focus on the collaborative nature of our professional work and on reciprocal relationships with our students." (432). Collaborative groups should have a central point of contact, division of work among the group members, and effective time management skills with set deadlines. Additionally, the instructor or facilitator’s role in the group workshop is an important piece of the overall strategy. This paper presents only one of several viable options for group workshops.
1. Assigning a central point of contact
When considering the options for collaboration activities it is important to have a central point of contact from which the participants can seek advice and guidance. When the instructor divides the class into smaller groups a specific person within each group should be elected to represent the group. This person would also be responsible for keeping the group on track for discussions. Keeping lines of communication open for each group member in regard to assigned tasks and making sure the group assignments are completed and submitted on time is essential. This central point of contact should optimally rotate around the group, depending on the length of the workshop and the number of participants in the group. In this way, everyone is given an opportunity to lead a discussion, collect assigned tasks, and further contribute to the deadlines set by the workshop facilitator....

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... range from being very involved to merely an observer, but it is important for them to be aware of what is happening in the groups to see where individual students may be faltering. The facilitator can also encourage and guide the groups as they work together to complete the given task. By following each step carefully a successful group workshop experience can be achieved that challenges and increases student knowledge and builds collaboration skills that can be useful in the future.

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