Essay about The Function of Analysis in the Government Intelligence Department

Essay about The Function of Analysis in the Government Intelligence Department

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There is no international definitive definition of intelligence and according to Bimfort (1958) there will continue to be a discrepancy and There is no international definitive definition of intelligence and according to Bimfort (1958) there will continue to be a discrepancy and misunderstanding between and outside the intelligence community over the meaning of intelligence. One definition that best suits the current idea of intelligence is “the knowledge – and ideally, the foreknowledge sought by nations in response to external threats and to protect their vital interests, especially the well-being of their own people” (Russell 2010, p.7). This description best represents how important intelligence is to governments around the globe. Those critical of intelligence would suggest ‘intelligence without analysis is only information’ and they would be correct. Intelligence is at its core about filtering out the noise; analysts need to be able to spot trends, patterns and key details that stand out from the rest. Analysis is an integral part of in the intelligence cycle.

Information is all around us we just need to know where to look; properly capturing information plays a crucial role in the information pool (Grace 2004). The government’s preferred source of information is intelligence but with modern technological advances it needs to keep up with an every changing media that is appealing and imaginative (Gibson 2005), intelligence should include out of the box thought processes but its foundation should spring from empirical research.
Technological advances have made it easier for analysts as well as policy makers to access all the information they need. Open source information now accounts for 90 percent of the informati...

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