Function Of An Organelle ( Mader ) Essay

Function Of An Organelle ( Mader ) Essay

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The average person’s body contains 37.2 trillion cells (Jones, et al 446-457). Each cell fulfills a specific role within the body to help maintain the overall life and function of an individual. There is a conjoint configuration that can be found throughout most animal cells. Each part of a cell with its specific role is known as an organelle (Mader, Windelspecht 47). The plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, cytoskeleton, and other organelles are all essential parts of an animal cell (Mader, Windelspecht 47-58).
One organelle in animal cells is the plasma membrane (Mader, Windelspecht 47-48). It is composed of a phospholipid bilayer with rooted proteins. The plasma membrane serves as the barrier between the inside and outside of a cell. It also controls what enters and exits the cell. It serves many purposes that are vital for the cell’s survival and task(s) inside the body (Wolfe 6-12). In the plasma membrane, the cytoplasm exists with many organelles carrying out specific tasks (
Cytoplasm is a liquid that mostly contains salt and water. The shape of a cell is kept due to cytoplasm. Organelles stay where they are at due to cytoplasm. Without it, the cell would depress and materials would no longer be easily passed between organelles. Another part of the cytoplasm called cytosol can be found where there are no organelles ( Lurking in the cytoplasm, the nucleus can be found (Mader, Windelspecht 50).
The nucleus contains the DNA of the body it is in (Mader, Windelspecht 50). “DNA governs the characteristics of a cell and its metabolic functioning. Every cell in an individual contains the same DNA, but which genes are turned on and off will differ among cells” (Mader, Windelspecht 50).

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...They are considered to be “intermediate” because their size is in between actin filaments and microtubules (Mader, Windelspecht 58).
Microtubules are made up of globular protein tubulin. There are two types of microtubules: α and β. They consist of 13 rows of tubulin dimers around an empty-looking core. The centrosome is located near the nucleus and controls the growth of microtubules. Microtubules grow out from the centrosome. They are used to help keep the cell’s shape and act as “sidewalks” that organelles can move along (Mader, Windelspecht 58).
Cells are complex structures with many different parts within them. Each part of a cell fulfills a specific but needed role. From the cytoskeleton to the nucleus, everything has a role to play, and those roles fulfill all of life. It is important to understand how life works even if it is merely studying the human body.

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