Function of a Public Relations Manager

Function of a Public Relations Manager

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The post of Public Relationship Manager or Public Relations (PR) deals with the activities an entity carries on to enhance its image in the public (Wisegeek, 2011). It encompasses all the communication practices that aim at exposing the company to the public in a good light to captivate the interests of existing and potential customers, investors, lenders, employees, and to promote a good relationship with governmental regulatory bodies.
Job description
A PR manager undertakes a supervisory role over the public relations staff as they implement programs aimed at publicizing the firm. The manager designs and guides activities that establish and maintain an impressive corporate image which drives the employees and the public to have high regards for the company (O*net online, 2010).
Job specifications
The job will require the manager to carry out the following duties:
Work towards building and maintaining valuable working relationships that will open up lucrative business opportunities by being professional when dealing with customers, policy makers and especially with the media (, 2011).
The job will also entail working closely with the media corporations to design and release captivating information on the company as well as maintaining an up-to-date website. They prepare specific articles for specific groups such as shareholders and employees and direct the information to the target group. They also avail themselves on behalf of the firm to give press conferences aimed at clarifying matters pertaining to the firm’s operations and initiatives.
Implementation of communication budget and development of strategic business plans that will elevate the firm’s image is a core responsibility of this department. They come up with innovative approaches to dealing with customers and ensuring timely feedback to customers’ queries. Maintaining a pleasant working environment is paramount in any business. Their role is to promote positive employee-employer relations by working closely with the management and labor unions to ensure that the employees have fair representation in teams addressing employee needs. They also take part in corporate seminars and other events to stay up to date in the field and industry in general.
This position requires master’s degree in any business-related field or journalism (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010). However, a bachelor’s degree with a certificate in public relations advertising, political science and /or psychology is also applicable (, 2006). Prior experience in a similar post is required as part of the skills possessed.
Possession of strong oral and writing skills and a social personality are important skills for a PR manager.

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They must be charismatic and enthusiastic about their job and be effective team leaders who can motivate people to work together as a team.
Career outlook
A PR manager stands a good chance to be promoted to a more executive post because they possess sound knowledge, and expertise in managing people and making the company name to shine among others. For this reason, it is a very competitive position and continuous personal improvement is a key characteristic of a good PR manager. The salary and allowance package is very enticing because the post entails long hours of work, pressure and a lot of travelling.

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