Function, Functions, And Settings Of Addiction And Clinical Counselors Essay

Function, Functions, And Settings Of Addiction And Clinical Counselors Essay

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Name: Alexis Wilkerson Abstention Project

Course: ADRE 6793

Semester: Fall 2016

Competencies addressed:
A.3. the roles, functions, and settings of addiction and clinical counselors/clinical mental health counselors as well as the relationship between addiction and clinical counselors/clinical mental health counselors and other mental health professionals (e.g.. psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists), including interdisciplinary treatment teams;
A.8. the factors that increase the risk of and resilience to psychoactive substance use disorders in a person, community or group;

Counseling, Prevention, and Intervention
C.1. the principles of addiction education, prevention, intervention, and consultation
C.17. the importance of family, social networks, and community systems in the treatment of addiction and recovery processes and in the treatment of mental and emotional disorders

Summary of activities completed:
For completion of the Abstention Project, I was assigned to choose a behavior that I would like to abstain from for at least four weeks. The behavior chosen is one that I wish to discontinue in all; I chose to abstain from late night web surfing on my cell phone. Prior to selecting a behavior, I did a considerable about of thinking. I chose a behavior that would be beneficial to me in several ways. During the four weeks I kept a journal of my experience and documented my feelings, thoughts, and any difficulties. Upon completing 4 weeks, I wrote a reflection paper summarizing my journal entries and any insights I acquired during the process. I also elaborated on how this project has been valuable to my training as a professional counselor.

Explanation of ho...

... middle of paper ...

...or me to abstain from a simple behavior.

Explanation of what you need to work on to increase this competency in the future (minimum of 100 words).
To increase my competency in addiction and recovery I need to continue to gain knowledge and awareness of specific addictive behaviors and effective techniques for dealing with urges to engage in addictive behavior. As I continue in my training as a professional counselor, I will practice skills and techniques to improve on providing effective services to clients. I will explore various theories and models used to promote behavior change. I believe all professionals should be willing and ready to acquire new skills; I will attend continuing education seminars and workshops relating to addition, prevention, and intervention. I will stay abreast of new research finding by taking advantage of research opportunities.

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