Essay about Fun Activity for Adults: Reconstruct, Reuse and Recycle Material

Essay about Fun Activity for Adults: Reconstruct, Reuse and Recycle Material

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Ever since I first heard of natural play areas for kids in my anthropology class I have been interesting in finding an activity that would encourages a similar type of behavior in adults. Natural playgrounds are areas that are made of “junk” in which children are free to experience a more natural play where they are able to reconstruct, reuse and recycle material and learn important life skills through play.[1]Parkour is an activity that encourages adults to learn through risk taking and discovery, much like children in the natural playgrounds. Instead of being preoccupied with safety and with exercising in a traditional gym traceurs(people who practice parkour) see their environment in a new way and imagine new ways of moving around the setting as well as creating a connection between oneself and the environment.[2]
Parkour requires participants to be in excellent shape as the discipline developed from military obstacle course training and requires strenuous movements.[3] Historically parkour has always been around as ways of interacting and connecting with ones environment howeve...

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