Essay on Fulfilling Student Potential with Job Placement

Essay on Fulfilling Student Potential with Job Placement

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Lonestar College had over 90000 students enroll last year, and is one of the largest community college systems in Texas. With such a high volume of attendees, student services should create a job placement program to benefit student success before and after graduation. A great place to start this program would be the Montgomery College Campus. The Montgomery College campus is centrally located in The Woodlands, close to many businesses, and is easily accessible, making the campus is an ideal setting. Students would benefit from hands on experience that would start within the college itself, and leading up to job placement. Local businesses would also benefit from working with the Montgomery college system’s job placement program. This program would allow students to begin repaying loans on time, and would reduce the outcome of default. Job placement would also obtain the attention of future students. Montgomery College’s student body would benefit highly from a job placement program.
The first step in making this idea a reality is, finding the right people to manage the program. Montgomery College can start by utilizing its current business students. Business students would work with recent graduates by helping them find jobs with businesses that match their educational background. This would not only give on the job training, but would also help create jobs at the campus. Programs such as accounting, web design, and graphic design would all have specific functions within the program. Having on the job training while attending college, would add another dimension to the job placement program. Students working towards a business degree would also work closely with other businesses in the areas surrounding the campus. Graphic Desi...

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...A job placement program could benefit many people’s lives that are involved with Montgomery College campus. If the job placement program worked with the surrounding businesses it could essentially pay for itself by selling advertisement space. As more and more students benefit from the job placement program, the word will spread and new students will be more likely to attend with the promise of help finding a job. With more students in attendance the college system as a whole can continue to grow. This will benefit the students and employees of Montgomery College as well as the businesses and companies who choose to involve themselves with the program. Essentially this will lead to growth of the Lonestar College system as well as the employment rate of the surrounding areas. A job placement program would be an asset to countless individuals who chose to participate.

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