Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Essay

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Essay

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March 11, 2011 marked the date in which the northern region of Japan, Tohoku, experienced a dreadful environmental tragedy that altered the lives of many Japanese people. A massive earthquake and tsunami triggered widespread and irrevocable damage to not only the Tohoku region and communities living there, but also to the nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant ensuing the uncontrolled release of radiation into the environment. Due to this nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, many people have begun to question the plausibility of nuclear safety and the possibility of reliable government information. Japan, having suffered nuclear attacks in the past, has become a highly “nuclearized” nation despite the danger and risks involved. Japanese acceptance of nuclear power was developed through the employment of the “safety myth” and the promotion of the benefits of nuclear power. Prior to the accident in Fukushima, Japanese citizens did not realize the danger and risk that nuclear energy possessed because the government taught them otherwise. Many are starting to understand that the health and security of those directly affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima have been seriously compromised by a misguided national reliance on nuclear-generated electricity and power led by the government and enacted by their use of the “safety myth.” As a result, the accident in Fukushima has severely transformed Japanese people’s opinions towards nuclear power. In the wake of this disaster, Japanese people are reckoned with tough questions concerning the state of their nation, dependence on nuclear power for energy, the competence, and trustworthiness of their government, and the health and safety of...

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...s begun taking active roles in numerous ways. The culmination of these events have severely altered the way Japanese people view their government, nuclear energy, and the status of their nation. The future of nuclear power, at this point, is going to steadily decline in Japan due to the disaster and its major lack of support. If the Japanese government chooses to follow the desires of its citizens and break away from this large use of nuclear power, Japan’s security and energy policies will transform immensely. Japan’s means for energy will no longer be manipulated and under the control of large businesses profiting or the influence of other countries in the global sphere. Additionally, the country will have to decide whether to rely environmentally unhealthy and risky nuclear power and imported resources, or to delve into alternative green energy sources.

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