Essay about Fuel By Transportation, Heat, Electricity And Science

Essay about Fuel By Transportation, Heat, Electricity And Science

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Fuels are the most important energy source in world today. Fuels is very useful to people. We can use fuel by transportation, heat, electricity and science which means fuels is related with our lifestyle.
Diesel is common fuels in our world. Many people have chosen diesel fuel to lower running cost reason. Diesel is composed of about 75% saturated hydro carbons and 25% aromatic hydro carbons. .
Diesel is created from 4 steps by induction, compression, and ignition and exhaust 4 steps processed. As First step induction, the air is drawn into the opened valve when the piston starts moving down the bore. As second step compression, the inlet valve closes at the bottom of the stroke. Thus the piston is able to rise s compress air. As third step ignition, it ignites and force the piston down after fuel is squirted in at the top of the stroke. As Final step exhaust, on the piston’s upward level, the exhaust valve open and exhaust gas is expelled.
LPG is called propane. LPG burns slower than petrol so the ignition timing is slightly retarded. In a properly converted engine the camshaft is also changed to extend the intake valve timing and retard it slightly as well.

The major difference is that a petrol engine uses a carburettor and an LPG one uses a mixer. A carburettor takes liquid fuel, atomizes it and mixes it with air. A mixer takes LPG vapor and mixes it with air.

A petrol engine is more forgiving of running lean. It will run a bit hot. If an LPG engine is allowed to run lean it will burn out the exhaust valves very quickly.
Biofuels are short for biological fuels. A fuel is a substance that stores a form of energy. Usually this energy is stored in chemical bonds. It is created from grass, house wastage and others. The...

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... gas is often rich in carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide. It is used mainly for heating though it is also used for electricity production mostly at peak times and as a backup for wind power.
There are bit advantages of natural gas.
Natural gas is created from the trash. Thus it has very low emission, it is easy to move around somewhere and most advantages is very cheaper than other fuel. As well as natural gas is able to provide electricity 24 hours, a week.
Despite the many advantage of natural gas, there are also many disadvantages too.
Natural gas is not renewable source energy which means natural gas is going to deplete eventually like oil, natural gas is very highly combustible and it is able to explosions easily. Thus it is very dangerous and natural gas cause pollution of earth. Especially natural gas cause toxicity to water thus it cause water pollution.

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