Fruits and Vegetables: Contamination and Food Borne Illnesses Essays

Fruits and Vegetables: Contamination and Food Borne Illnesses Essays

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Fruits and vegetables are two foods that are ate every day all around the world. They are a source of good nutrition and we are recommended to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. As the world’s demand for fruits and vegetables increases, there is a need to find new technologies that allow the growth of larger fruits and vegetables as well as higher yields. With this new technology, however, come the troubles of more bacteria and food borne illnesses. There has been a rise of these illnesses, and in turn recalls on vegetables and fruits all over the world. Historically, fruits and vegetables were not eaten, as they were thought to be unhealthy and were only used as medical supplements and there was no nutritional value seen in them. There are records where people were recommended to not eat fruits and vegetables, a vast contradiction to today’s thoughts on produce. This essay will look at the movement from historically being told to not eat produce, to today’s issues with food borne illnesses and whether the increased demand for produce has caused this influx in food recalls in produce from contamination.
Some fruits and vegetables were domesticated as early as the 15th century, and some were only used as ornaments, and some had biblical or religious meaning behind them. Looking back at Ancient Greece, grapes were used as a symbol of fertility, and also virginity. The waxy later on the grapes was said to symbolize a woman’s virginity, and the wax was easy to remove so the grapes had to be handled carefully and protected, as a woman should protect her virginity .

In the late Tudor period of England fruits were not eaten on a daily basis, but as medicine. Fruits were used to balance the hot and cold properties of...

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