Fruit Flies Experiment : Fruit Fly And Genetics Essay

Fruit Flies Experiment : Fruit Fly And Genetics Essay

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Fruit Flies Experiment
Bio 111
November 16, 2015
Samuel Bautista

Since the turn of the 19th Century, Biology departments have used Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) as a way to understand and observe Mendelian Genetics. Since fruit flies share “share 75% of the genes that cause disease with humans” (The Fruit Fly and Genetics). They are also easy to take care of and affordable, which works well for scientist doing the experiment. The two types of fruit flies; Apterus and Drosophila, where use and put in separate vesicle and left to mature for about 8 to 12 hours. Virgin flies must be collected within 15 hours of emergence. After 12 hours flies are then cross breed into a new culture. . This experiment shows many traits where mutations have occurred by observing the fruit fly throughout the whole process.

From the mid to the late 1800’s Gregor Johann Mendel was an Augustinian friar who became known as the Father of Genetics. Mendel discovered the basic understanding of genetics through the selective breeding of pea plants. Through Mendel’s research, the discovery of two fundamental principles that gave scientists a basic understanding of how genetic traits are passed down what we call today as Principles of Mendelian Inheritance.
Principle of Mendelian Inheritance 1) Law of Segregation .When any individual produces sex cells (gametes), during cellular division a copy of a gene is separated and as a result each parent will pass on a copy of a gene to each gamete. One allele will be received by one gamete. Law of Independent Assortment. When multiple traits or alleles are being crossed, one pair of traits is being distributed to the gametes. Drosophila melanogaster or fruit flies are a common ...

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Male Female Overall Total of Fruit Flies
Culture 1: Zero Flies of both wild type & Apertous Zero Flies of both wild type & Apertous ZERO
Culture 2:
18 Wild types
0 Apertous 15 Wild types
0 Apertous 33

Culture 3:
27 Wild types
2 Apertous 19 Wild types
10 Apertous 46

Culture 4:
Zero Flies of both wild type & Apertous Zero Flies of both wild type & Apertous ZERO
Culture 5:
67 Wild types
9 Apertous 62 Wild types
7 Apertous 129
Total 123 113 236
Amount of Fruit Fly

Shows the amount of fruit flies in each generation and how many female and males of each species are in each generation.

"The Fruit Fly and Genetics." The Fruit Fly and Genetics. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2015 /

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