Frozen: Spending Time Together Essay

Frozen: Spending Time Together Essay

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Several knocks resounded through the small office followed by Anna's voice.
What could it be now?
This was about the fourth intrusion today while the Queen sat buried behind papers. She had enough work to get done even without Anna bursting in every half hour or so. Documents had to be signed, trade agreements had to be made, and laws had to be passed or revoked all decided by the Queen. Resting her head on fingers, Elsa felt the pulsating headache that came with the privileges as the ruler of Arendelle. Elsa was about to reach her breaking point when she heard another knock come from the door.
She could say no.
She could tell Anna to go away.
But Elsa knew that she did not have it in her to shut Anna out like this.
“Come in,” the phrase still sounded foreign to Elsa.
The Queen's frustrations melted upon seeing Anna, remembering everything her sister did for her. She climbed a mountain, faced a snow beast, sacrificed herself, and even believed in Elsa when the she did not even believe herself. Anna also loved her sister dearly. There was no question, and Elsa loved her immensely as well.
Anna held something behind her back, but frowned when she noticed Elsa's posture.
“Is this a bad time?” The princess asked.
“No,” Elsa straightened in her chair, placing her hands in her lap. “No, I just have a slight headache.”
“Would you like to make some tea?”
“That would be perfect.” Elsa smiled as she stood and walked over to Anna. She cocked her head over her sister's shoulder to see what was behind Anna's back. “So what do you have there?
“First and foremost, we have a problem within the kingdom.”Anna walked backwards out of Elsa's office, beckoning for the Queen to follow. Elsa rolled her eyes before walking out as...

... middle of paper ...

“I get to decide what we do first.”
“Deal,” Anna grabbed Elsa's hand and shook it vigorously; the princess radiated enthusiasm.
“Gerda, would you fetch me some ink and a pen?” Elsa asked.
“Certainly, your Majesty,” Gerda left the room and came back with the writing utensil and a glass container filled with the black liquid. She set it beside the Queen as Anna thrust the paper in front of her. Elsa signed and dated the document in her neat penmanship and Anna hastily signed it as well.
“When do we start?” The Queen asked.
“Right now!” Anna sprang up from the table and dashed out of the room. She popped her head back in the kitchen when she noticed that Elsa wasn't following her. “Are you coming?”
“I need to finish my tea, Anna.” The Queen stated simply.
Anna groaned from the doorway, and Elsa giggled as she brought the cup to her lips.

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