Essay about From the Philippines to My New Home

Essay about From the Philippines to My New Home

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She held out her hand out in front of me; her hand contained four different coins. One was copper colored, the rest were silver. They all differed in size. These foreign objects were placed in my hand one by one, each followed by a description.
“Bi, this one is a quarter. It’s worth twenty-five cents; it’s the biggest one,” she told me. She continued until she reached the last coin, the penny. “This is a penny. It’s only worth one cent but you mustn’t forget that every cent counts.” She placed the copper coin in my palm and curled my fingers close. “Now, you’re going with your parents. Bringing you was a last minute decision for them so behave. They are doing this for your future so listen, be good and study hard.” She smiled me then pulled me tightly into a warm embrace. That was the last hug I would receive from my aunt for 5 years.
One month before I graduated from first grade, my parents told me that they were going to the United States. I knew something was going on I just didn’t know what it was at that time. Six months prior, my parents began selling their stocks and supplies. It eventually led to selling off the house and the business and moving in my grandpa’s house. Being a seven year old at that time, I thought it was just a temporary change in environment; I didn’t realize it would change everything.
When my parents told me the news, they initially decided to leave my brother and me back in the Philippines to live with my aunt. To be truthful, I was saddened by this news. I felt that my parents were abandoning me. I was only seven. What does this country called United States have that the Philippines doesn’t? The answer is everything.
March 23, 2003 was my first grade graduation date. That was also the day my paren...

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...lucky, the process for them can be fast and easy. Others might take years. Our process took 10 years and even that wasn’t easy. There were several instances that could have gone sour with the paper processing. There are many stories out there of immigrants from all over the world trying to create a better life. However, due to regulations, policies and such they are heavily prevented from doing so. For those 12 million undocumented immigrants along with those immigrants here legally, a reform should be supported. We are a country that promotes diversity and a country founded and made up of many immigrants. We are here to pursue our dreams and aspirations and why should we prevent that from happening? As said by Lyndon B. Johnson, “The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources—because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.”

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