Essay about `` From Here On, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders `` By Dave Barry

Essay about `` From Here On, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders `` By Dave Barry

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The world enjoys pigeonholing both men and women. It can be exhausting living in our judgmental society, where there is an expectation for each gender to fit into a rigid box of stereotypes. That is why, when Dave Barry is given the negative stereotypical question, “‘Why do men open a drawer and say, ‘Where is the spatula?’ Instead of, you know, looking for it?’” (1), he goes into a ranting frenzy. Barry responds and challenges this negative question in his column, on February 4, 1999, by writing the essay, “From here on, let women kill their own spiders”. Dave Barry utilizes the rhetorical devices of sarcasm, anaphora, and hyperbole to prove that is is pointless and ludicrous to create platitudes and stereotypes about each gender.
First and foremost Barry has a sarcastic tone. Sarcasm, when used correctly, can transform many conventional topics into riveting matters. His humor creates a pathologic appeal to the audience, causing the reader to form an emotional bond with the essay. The first sign of sarcasm in the essay, is at the beginning when Barry says, “From time to time, I receive letters from a certain group of individuals that I will describe, for want of a better term, as ‘women’” (1). From the “get go”, before he even reveals the main question, Barry has a sarcastic tone. The sarcasm he uses in his essay enables him to say offensive things, without actually offending the audience. For instance, when Barry says, “I choose, instead, to address her question seriously, in hopes that, by improving the communication between the genders, all human beings -- both men and women, together -- will come to a better understanding of how dense women can be sometimes” (2). In this example not only does he not answer the question s...

... middle of paper ... of his essay, Barry says, “I’m just saying that there ARE solutions out there, and if, instead of harping endlessly about spatulas, we allow guys to use their mental talents to look for these solutions, in time, they will find them. Unless they are in the refrigerator” (2). Barry’s organization ties it all together when he delivers the punch line at the end of his essay.
Dave Barry chooses to address the women’s question in a way that makes the audience smile. The audience also has a chance to realize how silly stereotypical accusations can be. To prove his point, Barry uses the assistance of rhetorical devices. His sarcastic tone, anaphoras, and overly exaggerated hyperboles give life to the essay. Even though it is easy to find the essay humorous, Dave Barry gives insightful information and repercussions about the effect stereotypes can have on society today.

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