Essay about From God 's Determinations, And Wheatley

Essay about From God 's Determinations, And Wheatley

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Taylor’s “From God’s Determinations” and Wheatley; s “Thoughts on the Work of Providence” project the feelings of love, faith, and dedication they have toward their religion. Both texts are fine examples of two men writing how they feel, giving accounts of what they believe, and explaining how God, a supernatural being, has played an important role in the shaping their lives through the many acts of miracle He has performed such as creating the Earth. To explain in further detail, both Taylor and Wheatley are constantly inserting examples of what their God has done throughout each text. It is made obvious to the reader that both men are very spiritual and dedicated to what they believe. Both men use their faith and observations by transferring their thoughts into words on paper so the reader may be able to understand the way these two writers feel. Wheatley and Taylor both lived very different lives. Since they had very different experiences throughout out their lives, their writings may differ somewhat, but they both use their writing to express their love and praise for their God. To put it into simpler terms, both writing styles and tones may differ a tad from each other, but both reach the same conclusion and send out similar messages to the audience that their God is great and almighty.
Both Taylor’s “From God’s Determinations” and Wheatley’s “Thoughts on the Works of Providence” illustrate the power that Wheatley and Tylor believe that God is in possession of and glorify his works by putting their faith and love into words in order to better explain their thoughts to the reader. However, each writer conveys the same message by provi...

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...heir admiration for their Creator’s works in creating such a beautiful universe so that they may thrive in.
By paying attention to the descriptions and emotions that have been poured into the both of these poems, Taylor and Wheatley make it apparent that God has played a major role in the shaping of their lives. From a religious stand point, both writer do a great job expressing how they find happiness by living their lives through faith and trusting their all-powerful God to act as a Shepard and guide their souls in the right direction. The point of both texts was to explain to the audience the emotions they felt and explain why they choose to live the lives that they do. Though both writers took somewhat of a different route when writing their poems, they both reach a similar conclusion in the end. God’s works can be found every day through everyday observations.

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