From $100,00 a Year to Unemployed, by Wayne Drash

From $100,00 a Year to Unemployed, by Wayne Drash

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Unemployment is the worse fate known to men and women. Having a job cannot
be taken for granted and having a good pay does not mean a person is going to have a secure future. Unemployment is especially on the rise and having a job and keeping it is becoming increasingly difficult for people. ”From 100,000 a year to unemployed” is an article written in CNN by Wayne Drash and it talks about a person named Eric Bell from Phoenix, Arizona. Eric had a secure job and had been working for the last ten years and was on his way to “middle management” when the crisis struck and he lost his job. Eric had seen both good times and bad and when the times were good he was making a comfortable six figure salary and soon all that changed for him and he found himself at a crossroads when he became unemployed filing unemployment checks which amounted to $216 per week a far cry from the six figure salary he used to make earlier. Although some argue that unemployment is result of laziness, it is actually rooted in the fluctuations of a market economy governed by the law of supply and demand . This article shows the ups and downs in Eric Bell’s life and how he still kept a positive attitude towards life without blaming anyone for his unemployment situation .
Eric Bell had been doing really well in his job so far and was making upwards of $100,00 and was on his way to the top . He had been working for ten years now and was slowly making his way to the top. The good times did not last for long when his company got taken over by another company. He lost his job and was looking for another job soon enough. He did not think it was a big deal for him to get a job immediately since he was an MBA graduate. Alas, that confidence soon came crumbling down and reality soon hit home when even after seven months of intense job search, he still did not have any job offers. He was a forty one year old father to a five year old son, jobless getting unemployment benefits of $216 every week and that seemed to be his source of income for a while. This seemed a far cry from someone who was making $ 100,00 per year just a few months ago.

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Eric Bell talks about his increasing frustration at the situation and the economy and how he never even imagined in his wildest dreams that he would have difficulties finding a job. He wrote on CNN’s user-generated site, that “The fall was very frustrating as companies put everything on hold with the economy falling apart”.
He also talks about the horror stories of the job market and how 300 resumes were being submitted for the most basic jobs. He wonders how challenging it must be to get one’s own resume out there to prospective clients who kept getting them in the hundreds. He knew that the best way to get the attention of these employers was not by sending them resumes at random but it was through networking. He knew that networking was an important way to get noticed by employers but he also knew it took its own time and was no guarantee to get a great job with a good pay.
Eric Bell was a mature person who knew how to live well within his means and that is exactly what he and his wife had been doing for a long time . He was fortunate enough to receive a three month severance package and he did happen to save a considerable portion of his as well as his wife’s income which really came in handy during the rough times. He was wise enough to do exactly what the financial experts recommend all the time. He lived within his means, he kept his mortgage low and build an emergency six month cash fund which came in handy during these rough times. Eric Bell knows that without that rainy day fund it would not have been easy for him to survive the rough times and he would have been in a worse situation without that emergency cash fund to fall back upon.
Eric does talk about his wife and how she did have a professional job but it was tough living on one income when they were used to two incomes earlier and how even though they had only one income to fall back upon, he was still doing a better for himself than other people who were in his position because of all that he had saved over the years. He feels that if you are unemployed it is better off to not listen to the news on television or radio because that’s just going to affect the positive attitude that a person needs in the current situation and also might end up de motivating and derailing them from their job hunting efforts . He wants people to keep a positive frame of mind, analyze and figure out what they are good at and network as much as possible because that is the only way to get their resumes out there which could end up culminating into a job offer.
Eric Bell has not let the situation get to him and he still maintains a positive outlook towards life. Erik Fisher who is a psychologist and co-author of “The Art of managing everyday conflict” says that Eric Bell is remaining positive in spite of the situation he is in and is not trying to play the blame game. Erik Fisher says that people in such situations fall into a victim mentality and start blaming others for their plight. “Life is about lessons, and it’s about learning. In this situation, it’s not about feeling bitter and resentful. It’s about moving forward” Fisher said. Fisher is very impressed with the way Eric Bell has dealt with the situation and likes his positive attitude towards life. He feels like if we have more people like Bell, the job market would not be in such a mess as it has been in the past few years. Eric Bell lost his job but wants to learn from this experience. He wants to look at it as an opportunity rather than a failure.
The nation’s economic hard times were reinforced when major corporations announced more than 100,000 job cuts. In 2008, nearly 2.6 million jobs were lost which was the highest yearly total since 1945. Eric has finally started a contracting job in a multimedia company which according to him is not an ideal job but it if definitely better than not having a job at all. He is hopeful that he will be able to deal with the current situation and land a better job for himself. Bell has no plans to quit his job hunting. He also took a four month coaching seminar because he thinks everything could be viewed as an opportunity for a better future.
I definitely liked the way Eric Bell dealt with the situation and how he gave pointers and tips to people who were unemployed like himself. One of the things he had to say and he did say it repeatedly was to maintain a positive attitude and I thought that was very practical advice. The part where he talks about networking seems like a brilliant thing to do because it helps us to reach a larger number of people. He also wants people to analyze and figure out what they are best at. I feel that these are great advises which could not only be used in a crisis like unemployment but also in our day to day life. We could use this positivity during any situation like an exam coming up which we are really worried about or a pending bill which has to be paid immediately or a pesky relative who is about to come visit you and who you don’t like too much. It is imperative to remain calm and positive in such situations because then it gives us a chance to think about what we could do to get out of this situation having learnt something.
Eric Bell really inspired me by the fact that he did not put the blame on someone else for losing his job which is exactly what happens under these situations. He is trying to look at it as an opportunity to better himself and do something for others who are in a similar situation. I really think we could learn a lot from him especially the part where he talks about saving for a rainy day. Everyone should learn to live within their means and save for their future. This is unfortunately not being followed by everyone and people find themselves in debt up to their necks. Being in a debt is a nightmare and it hits us hard especially when we are out of a job. We should all take a leaf out of his book and make sure that we save and don’t build up the debts. We should instead try to build our bank balance so that we have a security blanket when things go from bad to worse.
In the end I must say that I definitely learnt a lot from Bell and liked his positive attitude towards life. When life gave him lemons he made lemonade. His positivity just shone through in this article and I think having a positive attitude is winning half the battle. I would definitely like to be positive in a desperate situation rather than letting the situation get on to me. “Failure is only an emotion, but it becomes a reality when we quit” were the exact words used by the psychologist Erik Fisher when he was talking about Bell and I totally agree with that. Bell had a never say die attitude and he never really gave up on his job hunt and he is definitely trying to make the best of the situation by networking through various websites and attending coaching seminars. I truly believe that his positive attitude will take him places and he will definitely find his dream job sooner than later. This should be a lesson for all of us when we face hurdles in our day to day life. We should realize that even the most distant dream can be realized with determination, persistence and positive outlook towards life.

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