Frodo, the Greatest Little Hobbit of Them All Essay

Frodo, the Greatest Little Hobbit of Them All Essay

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Frodo’s adventure is not one of originality. It follows a cookie-cutter character through its journey to save that which is dear to him. In the case of Frodo he must protect the shire from devastation, and potentially all of Middle-Earth, by throwing the ring back into the fires of Mordor. This quest takes Frodo through a series of plot elements that famous Greek heroes have followed, his mission to rid Middle-Earth of ominous forces.
Frodo’s birth wasn’t particularly odd, as most Greek heroes. He wasn’t parts divine, nor was he blessed in any way. However, at a young age his parents drowned in the Brandywine River, and Frodo joined the ranks of the orphaned heroes. His early opposition came from his “Tookish” nature, one of mischief and ruckus, and his adoption by Bilbo Baggins. It is commonly known that Hobbits are peaceful folk who oppose any adventure, which means the Baggins family was not quite socially acceptable.
Bilbo Baggins is the root of Frodo’s adventures, posing as the Call and initial reason for the adventure. Frodo grew up listening to Bilbo’s stories of the Lonely Mountain and longed to adventure himself. Then, when Bilbo left the Shire for the last time, he inherited “The One Ring” (earlier obtained by Bilbo by an elaborate and exciting adventure). In the story, a powerful wizard, Gandalf the Grey, and old friend of the Baggins informs Frodo of the terrible identity of the Ring.
“The One Ring” is Frodo’s great and terrible boon. This artifact was created in hopes of controlling the other rings of power that ruled the land. The Ring has many powers, including turning any mortal invisible, destroying the minds of its holders, and the control of the Ring-Wraiths.
Gandalf sends Frodo flying...

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...the Shire if he does not succeed: enslaved hobbits and a burning home. By emerging victorious from his quest, he ensured the Shire’s survival and peace.
However, Frodo’s victory does come with a price. All of the Hobbits return from Mordor, happy and ready to go on with their peaceful Hobbit ways. For example, Sam marries his sweetheart and starts a family. Frodo, on the other hand, is forever scarred with the knowledge and feel of evil from the ring. Even though he left the ring and its power behind to melt in the lava of Mordor, Frodo leaves Middle-Earth with the elves for other shores; for he is unable to live in the world he has saved.
A bit more ordinary and off-plot, Frodo is still easily fit in to the formula for a Universal Hero. He faces foes, guarded by allies, delves in to his inner mind, and comes out saving the world at prices unimaginable.

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