Essay about The Frivolity of Phil

Essay about The Frivolity of Phil

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Media sensationalism creates an interesting phenomenon; more often than not, the comments made by varying levels of popular culture stars become catch phrases, buzz words, and the be-all end-all definition of an individual. These occurrences happen, for better or worse, and an individual becomes intrinsically linked to those statements for the rest of their living life and well after. Sometimes these comments are uplifting and promote the betterment of man; but sometimes they serve to berate or belittle a group as well, often times with very little thought being put into what has been disseminated. In either case, they are merely the opinions of an individual who happens to be famous. At times, the subject of opinion may hold little significance and the person can move on with their life relatively unaffected; but at other times, those comments and views bring down a storm of wrath upon said individual and there is no escape from the scrutiny of public opinion. And with that, these are often the prevailing reactions seen in modern society.
Quite recently, the cult-like following of the popular A&E show Duck Dynasty projected the Roberston clan, led by patriarch Phil Robertson, to iconic popular culture status. Moreover, the popularity of the show placed the family and all of its views and opinions upon the world stage. Like any popular star, comments, opinions, suppositions, and the like become a matter of public debate and often shape public perceptions and opinions about that individual; their moral compass is ever-linked to their comments. This has been precisely the case behind recent opinions and inferences made by Phil Robertson about how Blacks felt about the Jim Crow era which began shortly after the Civil War rec...

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...ring the 100 plus years of history that spanned the Jim Crow era, Civil Rights movement of the mid twentieth century, and beyond.

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