Essay on The Frightening Future: Farenheit 451

Essay on The Frightening Future: Farenheit 451

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Have you ever read such a great book that you became completely infatuated with it? You feel the pain, happiness, sadness that the characters feel; you feel as if you personally know the characters. You begin to forget that what you are reading is just a creative piece of writing because you are so infatuated with it. Reading for pleasure is a way to escape reality, a way to be inspired, a way to become more knowledgeable, and even a way to gain a new identity (Storm). In this day and age however, students prefer not to read for pleasure during their free time, such as summer vacations (McGaha). A major obstacle that students face today is technology. With technology expanding so rapidly, it seems that students are more focused on owning the newest piece of technology that comes out.
Ethics is about establishing what is right and wrong in order to behave in a way that society will accept you. Society today is very modern. Technology has become a “right” thing, and not having a more advanced piece of technology is considered “odd” or “wrong”. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave can be related to this idea of ethics in that people in today’s society who are wrong are trapped in the cave while the people living in “reality” are the people that are right. However, this can go both ways, the people that are “right” in today’s society and are up to date with technology can be the ones considered trapped in a cave because they are missing out on the real world and are living in the virtual world, while the people who are “wrong” in today’s society are the ones that are actually living life the way it should be lived. Ethics related to technology is seen in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
In the book Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury portrays a worl...

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...ed with books, and discover themselves in ways that they haven’t before, otherwise we have a frightening future ahead of us.

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