Friendship : The Laws Of Attraction Essay examples

Friendship : The Laws Of Attraction Essay examples

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The Meaning of Friendships
In actuality what are friends? Friends are individuals who are there for everything and make life worth living. In the article, “Friendship: The Laws of Attraction”, critic Karen Karbo proclaims friendships possess various correlations and factors which enable lasting relationships. There are many stages in which relationships have to experiences in order to enable it everlasting quality. The evolution from a common stranger to an acquaintance and finally to a best friend status requires many aspects to be developed within the relationships. The necessary components within any relationship consist of self-disclosure, reciprocity, intimacy, intuitive understanding, social-identity support, communication, supportiveness, and positivity. It is these qualities within any friendship that enable its uniqueness and power. However, not all relationship can be cleanly dissected and examine. But Karen Karbo contends that relationships thrive without much, but all it requires is communication, interaction, and positivity. Nevertheless each relationship has their own blueprint which writes itself. Thus there isn’t a set method in which friendships formulation and retainment; it is all depended on the individuals.
Friendships are constantly forming through various methods in which that distinguish each relationship to be unique. Karbo states that the vital connection within any initial relationship is one’s common similarities in which one another share; while the transitions from acquaintance to friendship are possible through the “increase … [in] breadth and depth of self-disclosure” along with the “necessary reciprocity.” The test within the beginning of a budding relationship is a “reciprocal” one. It is neces...

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...s simply deprived all the positivity within our relationship. At first, I thought the cause of the end of our relationship was due to her developing feeling for her now boyfriend. But it is that Amber and I changed. Now Amber doesn’t want to go to college anymore. She wants to start a family with her boyfriend and finish high school. There are many things to consider within a relationship. There can’t be any set ways to define a relationship
Friendship is an untamable object that can be controlled or defined. There are many factors to be consider, thus there won’t even be set out plan for relationships. Each relationship is unique and special in their own ways. There could a common correlation, but that all they are a correlation. It isn’t a set formula to have anything much less a relationship. It is the various exceptions that play a role within any relationship.

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