Friendship has a Huge Impact on Life Essays

Friendship has a Huge Impact on Life Essays

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Friendship impacts everyone’s life. Whether the impact is positive or negative, the impact itself is undeniably there. Friendships and their impacts play a huge role in development such as the case of the three famous doctors, Dr. Sampson, Dr. George Jenkins, and Dr. Rameck Hunt who all had their lives altered by friendship. The doctors’ first experience of friendship was negative, because of the stereotypical peer pressure that children are thought to be faced with. Sam tells what the pressure was like, “Even as early as elementary school, the pressure was on me to do what the other neighborhood boys were doing. The pressure was subtle: participate, or feel like a chump and risk being isolated.” (Davis, Jenkins, Hunt, and Page 33). Peer pressure more often than not is seen as a negative term, it is defined as “the pressure that you feel to behave in a certain way because your friends or people in your group expect it” (Collins Dictionary online). Many people overlook positive peer pressure and the advantages and the opportunities that present themselves through it.
The first advan...

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