Essay about The Friday Art Trail Occurred

Essay about The Friday Art Trail Occurred

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1st Friday Art Trail occurred on March 4th from 6:30 — 9:00 in the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA). Walking into the facility the first room you see is a huge open wide-set room where their are several paintings by two artist, Julie Schumer and James Koskinas, the married couple. James Koskinas displays a primary theme of figures with his lifetime obsession with painting horses and humans. Julie Schumer paints abstract landscape interpretations in an intuitive manner in the post-modern expressionism. In the next room I entered two artist named Erika Pochybova and James W Johnson. Erika Pochybova is well known for her creative expression through her art while James W Johnson represents a more contemporary feel through his work. Walking through a hall way, consisting of elementary through high school students work that had been awarded, i came to a room that was segregated from all theater other in his own private space. A man by the name of Luis R. Gutiérrez strived to present a room with a multi-media installation mourning the deaths faced by countless immigrants on their long journeys, following their dreams of a better life.
After seeing all the rooms i went back to the beginning and started over, re-looking over and re-examining all the pieces to really get a feel for the artist and their thinking for each piece. I came across a piece that ought my eye on both ru throughs of the art show. A piece created in 2014 called “Wild Horses” by James W Johnson. This piece was created on an acrylic 41” X 52” canvas and was selling for three thousand and two hundred dollars. Starting with the negative background space of the, Wild Horse, it was almost like Johnson chose to do a watercolor base with blues, yellows, an...

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...tion of art and Koscinas represented a more modernized picture of art. The second room was James W Johnson and Erika Pochybova which showed similar views on art but presented them in different ways. The third room by Luis R. Gutiérrez was a very dark and depressing yet calm feel to it. This room had drapes coming down from the ceiling surrounding an art piece made out of metal that was sitting on top of water surrounded but tiny rocks. Across the room were two heads made out of a concrete-like material that had smoke coming out of them. The theme to this room was completely different than the other two rooms coming from more of a serious, informative side of things rather than just the type of art that the other two rooms show. Over all i really enjoyed the art show and plan on attending more of them and hopefully more of which James W Johnson’s art is displayed in.

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