Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Q & A

Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera Q & A

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What is your first impressions of the following characters:
Frida Kahlo
I find her to be disabled from multiple injuries from a few harsh accidents that shouldn’t of happened to anyone, that she got her artist vision & abilities in her first accident involving a bus crashing & then being plasted from her chest down to her calves, then she was basically as soon as only when her right leg was plasted.

She was in love with Diego Rivera & married him twice, & then found out that she couldn’t have kids, had gang green on her foot from smoking & drinking a lot, & then she died in peace being with the one she loved the most, being able to do what she loves wants & can, in think of her a brave, considerate, & strong person.

Diego Rivera

He can paint like a real artist, but he has no sense in love or the meaning of being in a relationship neither for marriage, until it was really, to late to have been able to do the things he could have & wanted to with Frida Kahlo.
I want to know what side he is playing for, the best of him or for the worst of him.

In the movie “Frida” how was Frida Kahlo portrayed:
As a woman? She was treated like a lady at times & at other times she got treated like a player of the game & man she can be mistaken as a man by looks & personality.

As an artist? She was respected for her work, but the fact that she didn’t seem like or acted like an artist, & using canvases that is what she ‘lacked’ in respect, & for a while no-one really seemed to care, but then she met Diego Rivera.

As Diego’s wife? No-one believed that she should be married & in love with him for no reason though they all know the reasons why but they just didn’t understand.
Their relationship was complicated, cheating upon each other, until they departed because Diego slept with Frida’s sister, then eventually they re-married, though they felt strong about each other though they couldn’t she it til near the end when it was to late.

How do think Frida felt about America?
That the country lived on striving for power & money that they only wanted it their way or other wise you would either lose your job or, everything else. Fact & point she very much disliked America.

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How do you think Frida felt about Mexico?
The accidents she had in Mexico that she hated it, though at nearly all other times she felt free, to be who she is without worrying about how she looks, dress’s, talks & acts.

Name 3 events in her life that influenced her Frida’s art works:
Bus accident, Family – friends – Diego, Feelings, incidents – feelings – lifestyle at those points.

Do you feel sorry for Frida Kahlo in the movie?
Yes I feel sorry for Frida I believe that one person shouldn’t be ever put through the things that she has been in, not even Frida deserved it.

What style would you say Frida Kahlo painted in?
its surreal, dreamlike, and fantastical quality, expressed in a personal voice. She painted about her life, without sentimentality and censure. Her life was full of adventure, violence, suffering, death, and love, all which make for great storytelling and incredible painted images. But really I would say her style is mostly surrealism.
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