Essay on Friar Lawrence's Advice

Essay on Friar Lawrence's Advice

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Friar Lawrence’s Advice
Romeo and Juliet both trust Friar Lawrence for his advice throughout the story; the advice he gave both of them on occasion could be said to have led to their unfortunate outcome, as it may have at times not been totally accurate and could have been misleading.

Friar Lawrence’s, first entrance is alone, in act two, scene three. This is when we, as an audience get our initial impression of him; here he is introduced as a man who see’s good in all. “Virtue itself turns vice being misapplied and vice sometimes by action dignified “.
Here Friar Lawrence is using words such as virtue, meaning morals: describing them as turning into vice an immoral or evil habit. However he states this is from actions misapplied or dignified, in other words meaning, evil habits are not always intentional.
Romeo is the first during act two, scene three, to engage in conversation with the priest.
When Friar Lawrence shows concern to why he is awake so early, or had not been to bed at all. Here Romeo confides to the priest that he had been awake all night but not with Rosaline, as expected. Friar Lawrence’s response seemed to be confusion, saying “That’s my good son, but where hast though been then?”
Throughout the next few lines spoken, is where I believe the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is initiated, for if Romeo had not trusted and spoken of his love with an enemy; saying “I have been feasting with mine enemy “Juliet, Romeo also explains that Juliet feels the same for him . Then Friar Lawrence would not have felt the responsibility to try and reunite and mend the strife between the Montague’s and Capulet’s.
In the final scene of this act Romeo, then asks the priest to bless their love and join them in marriage.
Friar L...

... middle of paper ...

...t from being unhappy or was he protecting his own character?
From his first entrance in the play we are given the impression Friar Lawrence is a moral person, yet his demeanours may have exposed his personality to be that of a more devious nature. Therefore he was protecting himself, from repute.
Overall his advice could be seen as good intentions, yet his lack of communication and haste, resulted in the tragedy of a pair of star-cross lovers. Romeo and Juliet.
My opinion is Friar Lawrence initially did give good advice believing he was helping, yet he abused his authority and two maybe naive teenage lovers, were mixed up in his unreliable actions, causing repercussions as serious as their deaths. Therefore whether the advice was supposed to be of good intention the consequences of the advice resulted in the fact it was, I feel concluded inadequate.

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