Essay on The Freshman 15: Something College Kids Don't Want to Catch

Essay on The Freshman 15: Something College Kids Don't Want to Catch

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While living our daily lives’ something unexpected might happen to us college kids. Something that no one ever wants to catch or have, the so called “Freshman 15.” The Freshman 15 is a way of saying that freshmen in college are going to gain at least fifteen pounds or more during the first year of college. No matter what college students do in their hectic life, there just never seems to be any time to do anything other than school work. There is no telling who will gain these horrifying fifteen pounds during their first year in college, it just depends on the choices a person makes while being in college. There are so many ways a person can gain the Freshman 15, but there are also so many ways to avoid gaining excess weight. The different ways to avoid gaining the Freshman 15 include: eating a healthy breakfast every day, avoiding late night snacks, getting plenty of sleep every night, avoiding overly sugared drinks and eating healthy on a daily basis. By eating healthy and making healthy lifestyle choices, students can avoid gaining the Freshman 15.
Many college students experience the Freshman 15 while being in their first year of college, hence the fifteen pounds that freshmen are supposedly going to gain. Each and every person might experience weight gain differently throughout their life. The Freshman 15 is always an important conflict to stay away from. Throughout our busy college lives many students experience a lack of free time to do what they want. Many people put off their free time due to spending so much time on school work. There is practically no time to do anything else. The Freshman 15 could easily creep up on anyone at any time no matter how or what the situation is. This could have a long term effect on the per...

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... school work to do on a daily basis, so this causes them to stay up late and not get the right amount of sleep.
While college students try to live their daily lives, many might not have the time to do as much as they used to do back in high school. Freshman college students could easily gain the “freshman 15.” There are so many ways to try and avoid gaining the weight. The most important way to avoid the freshman 15 is to eat healthy. Avoid consuming too many sugared drinks. And be sure to get plenty of sleep every night. Following all these steps could lead someone in the right direction of losing weight and not gaining the extra fifteen pounds. Just eat healthy and make good lifestyle choices throughout college.

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