The Frequency Of Material Is Used By Teachers On Teaching Learning Process

The Frequency Of Material Is Used By Teachers On Teaching Learning Process

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Question 7 analyses the frequencies each material is used by teachers in teaching-learning process. Participants were asked to rate how often they used the main textbook and supplementary materials separately. According to the data presented in Table 7, almost all participants (96.55%) reported that they frequently used textbooks. CDs were frequently used by 82.76% of the participant while teachers used workbook with a high percentage of 86.21. Teachers reported that the least frequently used resource was the teacher’s book; almost half of the participants (48.28%) barely leaf through this resource. The evidence suggets high percentage of material use in secondary schools EFL classes, which is an expected result as MoE prscribed them. The results correlate with the findings of Richards and Mahoney’s (1996, cited in Lee, 2006) survey analyses on secondary school English teachers’ beliefs and practices in the use of textbooks, resulting the high rate of textbook reliance. However, when the teachers’ guide use responses are closely analysed, it is possible to argue that EFL teachers did not find the teachers’ guide as resourceful as it is expected to refer to or they did not have the teachers’ supplementary guide, which is quite common in North Cyprus context. It is also possible to generalise that only the novice teachers use teachers’ guide as supplementary material while the experienced teachers who mainly prefer adaptation do not refer to guide as often as the novice teachers. A similar study by Remillard and Bryans (2004, cited in Harwood, 2014) found that while some teachers followed teachers’ guide closely, some others ignored the guide book associating the behaviour with being experienced or novice teacher. Since the numbe...

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...nintersting materials cause lack of interest and motivation. Therein, it is fair to say that majority of teachers found the motivating aspects (interest) of textbooks inadequate to sustain motivation in language learning with the current textbook without necessary adaptation and manipulations.


Item 6 investigates the equal representation of four skills, namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking in textbooks. Relevant data shows that participant responses are dispersed in terms of their perception on this statement. While 41.38% participants agreed that four skills were evenly included in textbook, 31.03% of participants expressed disagreement. The diverging results may suggest teachers’ different expectations from textbooks for their own classrooms. Ur (2012) defines, inadequecy of textbooks (content) result from every individual class’ own learning

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