Essay on The French Revolution Of Algeria

Essay on The French Revolution Of Algeria

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Prior to French imperialist seizure of Algeria, Algeria was a part of the Ottoman Empire. Algeria was governed by the method of indirect rule, and Algeria essentially had freedom. Algerian sea explorers occupied the Mediterranean sea, and European states paid these explorers for the protection of their ships. In the late 18th century, the Ottoman Empire was in decline, which the European states took advantage of, in order to,“challenge corsair domination.” (History, Ottoman Rule) This background information could explain some of the motives for the French imperial conquest of Algeria. For example, terminating the presence of Algerian explorers in the Mediterranean could be applied to the excuse of the "civilising mission."
In France, the popularity of the monarchy plummeted in the 18th century. This could also connect to the motives for the French occupation of Algeria, as the monarchy craved to regain popularity and delay a revolution. (Lutsky)

One motive for the French conquest of Algeria was to increase the popularity of the quickly declining monarchy. The monarch, Charles X, felt that a coup d 'état (hostile take over) of another country would increase his popularity, as well as delay a revolution. (Lutsky) Another reason for the French imperialist seizure of Algeria was the greediness of the French state, who desired to increase economic strength and gain new markets for the country of France. The French imperialists used the Long Depression (1873-79) as an excuse for the desire of an additional source of profit. (Jones) (Barga) To profit from their occupation of Algeria, French imperialists forced the growth of cash crops (such as cork-oak), which resulted in many detrimental events, such as famines (due to a lack of cr...

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...rbed by the dominant French culture…” (Lorcin). One example of loss of culture was with the language. French imperialist invasion led damage of the spoken form of Arabic, which even today includes many vocabulary words from the French language. (Algeria - language, culture, customs and etiquette) Another effect would be famines, which were short term. In 1868, famine resulted in the death of 35,000 people. (Algeria time line) This was due to the forced growth of 'cash crops ' (like cork-oak) and the lack of money possessed by the natives , which was a result of extremely heavy taxation. (True causes of the famine in Algeria) Additionally, a huge number of deaths was a result of French invasion of Algeria, and was short term. The combination of brutal massacres, outbreaks of Cholera, severe famine, and war would have resulted in a drastic number of native deaths.

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