The French Revolution During The Late Nineteenth Century Essay

The French Revolution During The Late Nineteenth Century Essay

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One of the most pivotal time periods for France occurred during the late eighteenth century. This period was called the French Revolution, a time where France was suffering greatly. With various problems such as poor economy, incompetent leaders, countless wars, and large amounts of fear of their own government, France was striving desperately for a positive change. However, changes take time and considerable effort, which the French Revolution proved to be true. Citizens of all classes contributed in the events that took place during the revolution, even women and children took part. Lists were written by citizens of France stating their grievances, hoping that the King would accept them. In addition, there were many battles fought in the hope of France being able to head back in the positive direction. However, three specific incidents pushed France forward in their search for countrywide peace. These crucial events were the grievances sent by the Third Estate in early 1789, the fall of the Bastille on July 14th, 1789, and Maximilian Robespierre’s Law of 22 Prairial Year II which occurred on June 10th, 1794.

In early 1789 three estates comprised of “140,000 nobles with one vote, 180,000 clergy with one vote, and twenty-three and a half million commoners with one vote” met in a large gathering formed by King Louis XVI, to work on fixing Frances government. The meeting of these three estates was called the Estates General. The estate with the most important grievances for the King happened to be the Third Estate. Their grievances spanned across three main subcategories being justice, finances, and agriculture. However, at the beginning of the document, there were grievances focused on gaining rights that should have been natura...

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...nces sent by the members of the Third Estate were responsible for setting up the tension in France, of which caused the National Assembly to be formed and sparked the early days of the French Revolution. Secondly, the Fall of the Bastille showed that the bourgeois’ search for independence from the French monarchy was anger fueled, caused by King Louis XVI’s attempt at restoring order in France. Thirdly, Maximilian Robespierre’s Law of 22 Prairial Year II, justified the murders of thousands of individuals of whom were brought to “justice” through being killed by the guillotine solely for being against the revolution. Though the people of France sought out a solution to the hard times that occurred during the eighteenth century through methods of both written and violent, in the end the French Revolution remains one of the most pivotal times during France’s existence.

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