The French Revolution And The English Civil War Essays

The French Revolution And The English Civil War Essays

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The French Revolution and the English Civil War were arguably two of the biggest events in English and French history. The English Civil War spanned from 1642 to 1651, while the French Revolution occurred from 1789 to 1799. During these times monarchies were running on thin ice as the people began to lose faith in their rulers. The monarchies lack of social reliance was a cause of both of these events to occur. Both of these events occurred due to multiple political and economic problems in each of their time periods.
The social condition in France before the French Revolution was very poor. The society was divided into three estates: first estate, second estate, and third Estate. The first and the second estates were made up of the Clergy and the Nobles and this made up three percent of the population, while the third estate was made up of the common people and made up of 97 percent of the population. Some people like Emmanuel Sieyès, middle-class writer who was taken by the Enlightenment ideas, believed that all of French Society lay on the backs of the third estate. On the contrary, Robespierre, the monarch at the time, believed that the third estate did not have the power to do anything important to society. The third estate had to pay taxes like the Gabelle and Taille while the first and seconds estates did not have to pay any taxes to the king. Also, the third estates had less of a representation in voting. The first and second estate could outvote the third estate every time and this was a huge inequality. The condition of the third estate was horrible but a good portion of this third estate was the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie had some wealth and social class, so they influenced the rest of the third estate about their ...

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...rth, Charles l’s minister, passed the policy of Thorough, which strengthened the monarchy even more and was a very unpopular policy. The wars that Charles l would later face without the money needed to fight these wars was the final straw, as he relied on Parliament to supply this money, while having a poor relationship with Parliament. Ultimately this led to members of the Long Parliament to lead the rebellion against Charles l.
Both England and France had economic and political problems that led to the French Revolution and English Civil War. All in all the autocrative monarchy, poor economic condition, and administration at the time of the French Revolution all served as causes for the French Revolution. Ultimately, the poor relationship with Parliament, horrible economic standing, and representations of an absolute ruler led to the rebellion against Charles l.

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