The French Revolution And The American War Essay

The French Revolution And The American War Essay

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The French Revolution began after some of the great philosophers such as John Locke, Voltaire, and Rousseau were establishing contracts and trying to create a way for people to have a government without a king or at least without a king being in control. The king during that time was King Louie XVI and his queen was a young woman by the name Marie Antoinette. The royal couple was not well liked due to the careless spending and lack of concern for the citizens beneath them. France was on the verge of becoming bankrupt and the crops did very poorly leaving people suffering, starving and fighting for food.
The French Revolution brought about philosophical and political changes that promoted the growth of a new society.
King Louie XVI was giving aid and financial support to the American War of Independence with the thought that in return it would help the financial demise of France. This idea completely backfired and resulted in nothing more than France going deeper in to debt. Meanwhile, Queen Marie Antoinette was being labeled “Madame Deficit” by the public due to her frivolous spending habits. It has been written that the queen had been so bored and dissatisfied with her (then) impotent husband that he allowed her extravagant behaviors carry on as a means to keep her happy. Queen Marie Antoinette was running up quite a tab with expensive gowns, wigs, jewels and parties, as well as gambling debts. This increased the anger of the starving public. The queen was not winning a popular vote especially after it was rumored that she had a male lover occupying her time. The reputation of the queen was completely discredited by the accusations of her actions.
The people of France needed a solution so they began listening to words of some...

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...hat the survivors could obtain a better life for themselves and future generations. People whom thought that they could not make a change or a difference became inspired by the wisdom of the philosophers. The philosophers promoted education and intelligence through many different aspects. Most importantly, the people were taught how to stand up for what they believed in and not to be controlled or intimidated by the society that ranked above them in power, wealth and control. The French Revolution did indeed bring about philosophical and political changes, and most certainly promoted the growth of a new society.
Many countries are still battling for the same issues of equality and freedom. Some of the people in these countries may win their revolution, many may not, but they will never gain the success if they do not continue to fight for what they believe in.

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