Essay on French Intentions Led to Unnecessary Bloodshed in Algeria

Essay on French Intentions Led to Unnecessary Bloodshed in Algeria

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In 1830 France invaded the largest country in Africa in attempt to completely take control of it. The next century and a half was met with struggle between Algerian natives and French settlers that included bloodshed and oppression. This struggle was known as the French Conquest of Algeria. By the early 19th century European imperialism was expanding quickly, deeply affecting African and Muslim populations, and posing immense challenges for indigenous peoples all over Africa. Algerians dealt with vast types of oppression, racism, and brutal warfare. France aimed to completely take over the country bringing in mass waves of immigrating settlers, referred to as pied-noirs (“black feet”), who colonized the land and took over much of the population. French motives were initially benign as their reasons for invasion were mostly rooted in the desire to grow economically, but their strong desire to dominate took over and lead to problems for the natives. In an attempt to assimilate Algerians, France invaded and heavily colonized Algeria, which led to social and political oppression, serving as the impetus for uprisings, brutality, and violent opposition that were met with war and terrorism.
Growing European populations in France served as a catalyst for oppressive actions. France’s motives for invading Algeria were initially harmless; French leaders wanted to expand trade, employment and French culture, especially to redeem themselves after the Napoleonic wars. However, the French view of Algeria and need to assimilate their culture began to translate to oppression. Algeria was an unusual case under French rule, as it was viewed as a province, or an extension of France. The assimilation process started with the dramatic rise in French...

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... to colonize and take Algeria lead to heavy colonization that lasted for an especially long period of time. The presence of the French combined with fundamental ideas of superiority and entitlement lead to intense oppression in the form of racism, brutality, and injustice. The Algerian citizens responded with nationalistic attempts opposing French rule, but their rebellion only lead to the French attempt to pacify them. Despite all efforts to remain in Algeria, the French occupation grew to become widely unpopular among French citizens in the mainland, leading to eventual retreat and independence. In the long run, the Conquest of Algeria may have lead to Algerian independence, but it also left both countries in a state of chaos. Algeria dealt with economic loss as well as an excess of spilled blood, which can only be credited to French ideas of supremacy and greed.

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