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French Influence on the Caribbean Essay examples

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“We have seen the world through the filter of western values, and our foundation was “exoticized” by the French vision we had to adopt”. (p. 13; Callalo)”. The influence that the French had on the Caribbean islands had a negative persona of themselves the Caribbean people lost sight of their identity as an island. French Caribbean writing is the inscription of identity on the walls of history, and the meaning may be buried within the text but psychological demeanor of the writings expose divisions between being westernized and heritage that was over shadowed. French ways forced us to denigrate ourselves: the common condition of colonized people. (p.891 ; Bernabe) French Caribbean literature can be defined as writing by people of Caribbean descent that was depressed in the French culture, and the writings varied according to the writers acceptance with identity, psychological, and ideological views of their own measure of acceptance or denial, they went through being alienated, degraded, and stripped of their freedom to be molded into educated Caribbean people under the French’s belt. There is a psychological phenomenon that consists in believing the world will open up as borders are broken down. (p. 5; Fanon ) French Caribbean literature through different author’s eyes may have the same foundation but may oppose the similar views on the same issues. In Carbet’s poems, she expresses a degree of division about the relationship between the island of Martinique and the people that honor it. She convers a superior complex between her and the island but even with as a barrier she proves to the readers that her love is greater than her dislike for the island. Frantz Fanon was a black Martinique psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary,...

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...strated what type of world the black people were in, and it showed how they could get out. Carbet pieces, in the praise of Creoleness and the essay black skin white mask by Frantz Fanon were great supporting literature to support the arguments. The pieces of literature, worked together because they all had the same framework of indecisiveness. Really not understanding what is going on but realizing everything is changing. A part from that, the reason why the creole people feel the need to not to speak creole after educated, because all the negative stigmas are tied to the creole language, and being educated know this, the educated black man tried to stay far away from it to realized as the civilized man. The trail and tribulations to oppress the creole stigma, they mask their self in the French culture to feel more like an equal, not a slave to the white man.

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