French Imperialism Became Prominent During The Second Republic Essay

French Imperialism Became Prominent During The Second Republic Essay

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French Imperialism became prominent during the Third Republic. Although France had possessed colonies before the Third Republic came into power, imperialism was not as rampant. The basis for this imperialistic movement can be found in the forty years before the Third Republic. France had three different governments during this time, but the colonizing was handled through the military.
The military managed to set up the foundations of Algeria and Indochina, which were the two most important French colonies. Most of the military was trained in the colonies since no major war required the full deployment. The French began to enter Algeria in 1830, during the last days of Charles X 's reign. Charles X was attempting to consolidate his power by accruing a colonial success, but he was removed from power before this plan could be capitalized on. The military then began to brutally conquer Algiers, the capital. They eventually succeeded in breaking the resistance of the Arabs and the soldiers profited from the stolen land and goods. After the army conquered the land, they began to work on the infrastructure of the area in order to make it profitable for France. When the Second Republic came into power, they left the military in charge. Many French citizens began to move to the colony to escape the turmoil and difficulties in mainland France during the government changes: prisoners, political adversaries who feared retribution, and others who wanted a new life. In 1870 the colonist overthrew the military government put in place by the French government and placed the colony under citizen control. During the Paris Commune the Arabs revolted, but when the Third Republic was instated, the Arabs were brought under control by military rein...

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...e the people that were conquered, but this was not actually fulfilled in practice. Only the wealthier native people could afford to school their children in French culture and achieve assimilation. The average population were exploited for cheap labor. The natives did not have political rights. The French government was a democracy only in France; the French colonies were ruled as an autocratic state. This oppression would lead to revolutions in the future.
The Third Republic established an extensive empire, outpaced only by the British. The empire provided power, money, and an escape route for French citizens. This empire included over 100 million African, Arab, and Asian people and was physically 40 times larger than the French nation. Imperialism affected France and the areas it conquered for generations; this powerful empire managed to survive until the 1960s.

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