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The French Healthcare System Essay

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The French healthcare system is best described as the synergism of national health insurance and the principles of la médecine libérale, a feature of the French healthcare system that embraces liberalistic views between patients and physicians. The merger of the latter to France’s health reform in Sécurité Sociale, France’s form of social security, and Statutory Health Insurance throughout the twentieth and twenty first century, created a health system fundamentally structured under Bismarckian ideas that parallels government controlled socialistic medicine tendencies. The basic philosophies that drive the French healthcare system stents from their ideal synthesis of solidarity, liberalism and pluralism (Rodwin, Le Pen 2259). These ideas create the framework in policy making allowing medicine to be practiced in an autonomous fashion and its regression from privatization in the competing markets.
The structural component of France’s healthcare policy and regulatory affairs represents a decentralized flow and administered at the regional, local, and municipality levels. Nationally, parliament reviews provisions regarding revenue, benefits and regulations and directs its initiatives to the Ministry of Health. This is proceeded to the National Council for Governance of Regional Health Agencies, which then disperses to various agencies at the regional level. Similar to the United States’ flow of power throughout government and its many agencies that track policy and directives, a myriad of agencies exist to allow transparency in health policy amongst the national and regional levels of France.
The National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), a joint effort with the Centers for Disease Control and National Center for Health Stat...

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... cost containment. The convergence into state managed care shows extensive flexibility amongst patients and their “preferred doctor”. Although preferred doctors maintain their gate-keeping responsibilities, direct access is still granted to certain specialists- with children under 16 years of age having full exemption from the gate-keeping rule (Chevreul et al. 182).
The access to healthcare is comprehensive since French national health insurance grants direct access to providers. Roughly two-thirds of practicing health professionals are independent self-employed fee-for-service providers (Chevreul et al. 112). In addition the fee-for-service providers, healthcare is delivered through private, private-for-profit-hospitals, private-non-profit-hospitals, public hospitals and acute care hospitals that are financed through a Disease Related Group (DRG) payment system.

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