Freely Accessible Birth Control for Teenagers Essay

Freely Accessible Birth Control for Teenagers Essay

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Freely accessible birth control for teenagers has always been a topic of debate, but it prevents pregnancy, abortion, and it also has many health benefits. There are cons to the argument that suggests a rise in promiscuity in the adolescent demographic, but in spite of these cons the rise of birth control continues, because access to birth control helps adolescents make an informed and safe decision on whether or not to participate in sexual activities. It doesn’t make the decision for them.
Two major types of birth control are contraceptives and condoms. Condoms prevent STDs by stopping the flow of semen in to the vaginal canal. Contraceptives are more complex. Birth control contraceptives help to prevent pregnancies by combining the hormones estrogen and progesterone to prevent the egg from being released during the monthly cycle. Not only do the contraceptives prevent the egg from dropping but they also thicken the mucus around the cervix making it hard for sperm to enter the uterus just in case any eggs were released. (Hirsch 1)
These birth control methods make semi-safe sex possible. *** A ban on birth control would mean acts of unprotected intercourse because the lack of protection wouldn’t stop people from having sex. Therefore women who might not be responsible enough for children or just didn’t want them would end up aborting the children they just simply weren’t ready to have. (Dail)
Prevention isn’t the only reason for birth control techniques. Health is another major reason for the growing popularity of the birth control contraceptives. COCs or combined oral contraceptives help regulate a women’s menstrual cycle by suppressing ovulation. (Cornforth) The contraceptives also can reduce the severity of cra...

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