Freedoms on the Other Side of the Window Essay examples

Freedoms on the Other Side of the Window Essay examples

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In Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, a young woman’s constant desire for a better life is symbolized by the simple usage of windows. Emma Bovary is trapped in a marriage she thought would make her happy. Instead, it lead to her being trapped in her house watching other people have freedom and happiness. As she peers through the windows, Emma sees her dreams and freedoms, but the window divides her fantasy life from the reality of her life. The dreams Emma ponders on include: wealth, true love, and happiness. Emma is a woman who always lusts for more, which is why she is never happy, and is depicted dwelling by the window watching other people be free. The windows in the novel represent the divide between Emma’s fantasies and reality; they symbolize her lust for more, and her desire to escape her past and marriage.
Emma is constantly unpleasant with her life, and her lust for more stems from her staring out the window obsessing over other people’s lives. Her relationship with Charles is not enough for her romantic fantasies, so she pursues multiple affairs. Unfortunately for Emma, even in her affairs she wants more. During her affair with a man named Leon, she is happy and in love, but she continues to look out the window desiring more from life. It seems as Leon is not romantic enough for her when she has “ her back to him, stood pressing against a windowpane; Leon was holding his cap in his hand and softly tapping his thigh with it” (116). Even though she seems to be in love with Leon, she stares out the window wishing for more, while Leon stands inpatient and annoyed by Emma. This window scene depicts Flaubert’s attempt at revealing to the reader Emma’s indecisiveness and how she can quickly become annoying. Within another a...

... middle of paper ...’s final escape from her life is fitting because through out the novel she inflected harm upon herself. The open window ties together the motif of windows representing another world Emma wished to be apart of, and now can.
Windows within Madame Bovary are more than just separating Emma from the outside world. It is a division between her reality and her dreams. When the window is open it symbolizes Emma’s dreams and fantasies, but when the window is closed it symbolizes Emma’s reality in a small town. The window also represents Emma’s desire for more, and her never being fully happy especially during her affairs with Leon and Rodolphe because Emma was still longing for more. The windows remind Emma of her past when she sees servants outside, her lust for more while she watches the villagers, and her desire to escape from inside the house and from her marriage.

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