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Government within The Freedom Writers Diary
“Invisible threads are the strongest ties” (Friedrich Nietzsche). This quote talks about the connections that cannot be seen or are not usually recognized and how those are the strongest ones. Connections can be made between almost anything. Sometimes a person has to dig a little deeper or put in a little extra thought to recognize or make a certain connection. The connection between the novel The Freedom Writers Diary and government is one that is not direct; it has invisible threads as one might say. The Freedom Writers Diary by Erin Gruwell is an inspirational novel about a new young teacher, Ms. Gruwell, and her English class at Woodrow Wilson High School. The novel goes through the student’s high school careers from freshman until graduating seniors. It tells the stories of each student anonymously in the form of diary entries, covering all topics from in class assignments to gang violence and the struggles of their every day lives. At first glance it may appear to be just a novel about “How a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them” (cover Gruwell), however; underlying connections can be made between the individual diary entries themselves and the government. It is the ties that a person may not instantly make or the connections that one has to search for that are the strongest and most memorable. Erin Gruwell’s novel The Freedom Writers Diary connects to the government through discussing the issues of racial segregation, homosexuality, and the effects living in the projects can have on a person.
The issue of racial segregation and racism is a strong point emphasized through out Gruwell’s novel, and it is also a topic that has been prev...

... middle of paper ...

...omosexuality being a current government issue, and the importance of education and effects living in the projects can have on a person also touched on by the government are all apart of the diary entries written by some of the students in Ms. Gruwell’s class. Her students tell intimate details and events about their lives through their diary entries many of which can be indirectly related to government. The invisible ties and connections made between the diary entries and the government show how all things can be related back to government. Whether it’s a diary entry, a novel, or another part of a person’s life. Although it may require a little extra thought to make the connection or find the underlying ties. The extra thought used to make the connections that cannot always be seen or are not directly made are the ones that are the most powerful and most memorable.

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