Essay about Freedom, To An Extent

Essay about Freedom, To An Extent

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“We have learned to live in a world where ‘reality’ is a matter of choice.” While choosing what we feel is real is based on what we actually want to see. Trying to over look reality can cause a person to imagine things that might not actually be there. When you do not see the reality of anything you get lost in a world of imagination. Although, imagination is the best entertainment, when relying on it too much you would not be able to see the world of how it truly is. Adventuring out into the world is very important because it generates learning and creates additional knowledge. A person’s apprehension is very necessary for the sake of a person progressing. It is important to blossom because it generates one’s self to recognize their place in the world and there society. An example of people being lost in reality can refer to The Star Spangled Banner and the poem “America.” One is a song that represents the United States of America and has a distinct meaning to our country. While the other however, shows the reality of the people who live in this Nation, and the problems America deals with daily.
The main conflict that American’s face is the personal freedom that America claims to have. In the first amendment it states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…” To everyone America is a beautiful place to live; it’s a place to become a free person with the choice of any religion you would like to have. It is important that people see that this is not the case; the reality is that they actually want you to believe in god with whatever religion it is you choose to pursue. A good example of this situation would...

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... unable to tolerate it.
Getting lost in your imagination, thinking that America is a harmless place to live could cause you to misjudge things. In “America” it says “everyday somebody goes on trial for murder” everyone knows that there are curtain dangers everywhere, but everyone sugar coats it to make it into a quality that is meaningful and deserving. The thought of the world as a type of danger puts the people at a loss for words.
We are suppose to be living in a Nation that is safe, with individual civil rights that allow us to act freely, but when it comes down to it there is still some type of boundaries that we must follow. As individuals we grow to learn that not everything is how it appears. Although the first ten amendments show and explain our own individual rights they are written in a way that allows us to our freedom but only to a certain extent.

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