Freedom, Order, And Equality Essay

Freedom, Order, And Equality Essay

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Maya Rzajeva
Robin Datta
Freedom, order, and Equality
The difficulty associated with democracy is evident in making challenging choices which unavoidably create conflict between critical values of a political system. The three main aims of democratic governments include maintenance of order, provision of basic liberties, and promotion of equality. In pursuance of these goals, governments infringe on the freedom of individuals, however, the level of the infringement depends on the commitment of a specific government to equality and order. This creates two dilemmas, the conflict between order and freedom and the conflict between equality and freedom. Ultimately, freedom, order, and equality operate in democratic, dictatorship, and socialistic political systems by maximizing one value over another.
If at the left-right line, anarchism that is a total rejection of the government, is located on the far left side. An Acorn Community in Virginia is a good example of an anarchist group of people who live by their own rules, and disregard the government. Dictatorship, on the other hand, is the opposite of anarchism and is located on the far right side of the line. Dictatorship regime interferes with each aspect of its citizens’ lives. Government concentrates on maintaining the order at all costs, disregarding citizens’ basic liberties “the right that government must not take away” (Freedom, Order, and Equality). However, in dictatorship societies majority of population enjoys the same equality. In the case of North Korea, most of its population is under the line of poverty and more than twenty five percent of children are malnurtured. North Korean citizens do not have basic freedoms, such as, freedom of speech or information...

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... health programs as well as policies of social equality. Promotion of equality is considered as the most recent and has also elicited the most controversy as a consequence of redistribution of values or income.

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