Essay Freedom Of The South During The Reconstruction Era Of America

Essay Freedom Of The South During The Reconstruction Era Of America

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With the civil war coming to an end, the congressman of Illinois presented a fresh, new concept. This modern idea stated that the United States of America was a new nation and “for the first time, it had been wholly free.” Many of the white men from this time period were against the change and pursued their old way of life, which prevented the newly made amendments from going into full effect. Freedom in the south during the reconstruction era of America was very controversial. There were many different conceptions of what freedom was. It was thought to be land, others thought it had to do with money, and some even though it was not having a master/not being a slave. The definition of freedom swayed back and forth depending on whose point of view it was. Many African Americans were hoping for amendments to allow them to become citizens, although they were considered citizens by the book, they still had no rights. When people started realizing that they were not given the rights that they deserved, they started speaking out and voicing their opinion. This led to many assassinations and different groups such as the Ku Klux Klan to rise and “quiet down” the newly liberated citizens. With slavery being abolished, it forced bureaucrats to take action and defend African Americans from the Closed-minded Whites, who were still terrorizing them. This brought up much unwanted attention and so the Black Codes needed to be put in effect.
The Mississippi Black Codes document of 1865 was presented to us by Walter L. Fleming, who was a historian who dealt with the south and more specifically the reconstruction era. He was targeting future historians who were studying this era. He nearly states the pros and cons of what the Mississippi Black Code...

... middle of paper ...

... documents were very well-written and explained the time period, but should have given more background knowledge about what was going on in the United States at that time, someone who is reading this is only going to understand what they interpret and will not understand what was happening outside of it. I think to convey the full message and attitude they were trying to give the reader, more information was needed. Furthermore, both authors stood more towards the fact as if they were against blacks in their writings. It seemed just a bit biased but not to the point where you can say that the documents were misleading. Great amounts of time were put into writing these and making it so that the general public would understand what they were reading. Furthermore, much detail was provided, which helped appreciate the greatness of the time period and for what it was for.

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