Essay on Freedom Of The Press Is A Global Issue

Essay on Freedom Of The Press Is A Global Issue

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Freedom of speech in the United States provides countless benefits; however, free speech can also be problematic if not controlled or if controlled too much. Even if a seemingly perfect balance between too much and too little control could be reached, problems would still exist. Freedom of speech works conjointly with freedom of the press. When freedom of the press is considered it becomes necessary to take into account the policies of other nations, since freedom of the press is a global issue.
The main focus of the poster is the central puppet show. The stage as an American flag reminds United States citizens that the United States is the "stage" they get to live on. It is a symbol of pride and reminds citizens of their fortune of living in the United States. Without an adequate stage, the puppet show has to overcome initial setbacks if it can go on at all. The struggles on the left and right of the stage show that although America is generally seen as well established in its freedom of speech policies, there are still struggles and controversies constantly surrounding standards and policies that the United States takes pride in.
The first Amendment written on the stage represents what the puppet masters are trying to produce. The puppet masters represent politicians and how they focus on the same general issues, but all have different perspectives, ideas, methods, and beliefs. As a whole, the three puppet masters, or politicians, represent the government with the strings representing the hold they have on the citizens ' rights. The left side of the stage demonstrates the effects of too tight of a hold. This is not healthy for the individual and without individual rights, the country will not function well as a whole, just as th...

... middle of paper ...

...e of the board correspond to the scene on the left side of the puppet stage where the puppets are being choked. These quotes portray some of the consequences and controversies surrounding having too little freedom of speech. Similarly, the quotes on the right side of the board correspond to the puppets who are set free and end up hurting each other in a chaotic scene. These quotes describe how freedom of speech may hurt certain people or not be as accessible to others. Finally, the quotes in the middle of the board correspond to the middle puppets who are controlled but are also allowed to speak and move their limbs. These quotes illustrate the many benefits and uses of free speech. Although bad weather is usually seen as unappealing, rain is necessary to a healthy ecosystem. Similarly, free speech needs some of the “rain” on either side of the poster to let it grow.

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