Essay on Freedom Of The Press Guarantee By The First Amendment

Essay on Freedom Of The Press Guarantee By The First Amendment

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Also, another freedom that would be infringed would be the freedom of the press guarantee by the first amendment. Journalists could not express their opinions on the internet. For example, now 55 percent of New York Times readers, 48 percent of USA Today readers, and 54 percent of Wall Street Journal access the newspaper on the Internet (Heimlich, 2012), but if the internet has censorship, information on the newspaper on which the government had restrictions it would not be available to the reader. In the same way, now writers can post their books on the internet. However, some writers could not post their books on the internet if the book had words that could be in the list of words that would be censored by the government or if it contained opinions about the government actions. And, people would not have an easy access to the books or the news.
In addition, the freedom of assembly, also guaranteed by the first amendment, would be infringed upon the censor on the Internet. The internet can be used to hold meetings between people that are in different places. For example, there are companies that do business all over the world and they have employees in different cities or countries and in order to make the business work they have to have meetings. However, now when the company has a meeting and that meeting is in another city or country the employer or business members do not have to travel to the meeting. Now people can use WebEx or other internet providers to hold meetings using video conferences, webinars or trainings on line (Cisco WebEx — Online Meetings and Video Conferencing. n.d.). But, if the internet is censorship, people would not feel free to have those meetings because they would not, feel free to discuss inform...

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...raking executives of Google to comply with the new rules of the government because people would stop trusting the internet and the business would be affected. As business executives they would have to defend the business responsibility to respect the individual right of freedom, expression and information. However, knowing the power of the government of the United States they would have to find a way to negotiate with the government or they would be at risk of losing the business in the United States. Maybe they could find a way to reduce the number of words that would be censored and negotiate on which websites could be censorship by knowing that those websites also infringe some right or affect some people. They would have to negotiate a way not to censorship the ways of communication as webinars or social networks to protect as many people and business possible.

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