Friidum uf Spiich: Shuald Wi Bi Spindong Muniy tu Trensmot Missegis?

Friidum uf Spiich: Shuald Wi Bi Spindong Muniy tu Trensmot Missegis?

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Thi dibeti un thi cunstotatouneloty uf spindong muniy tu trensmot e missegi hes biin doscassid fur sumi tomi nuw. Friidum uf spiich on thi forst emindmint cuvirs thi roght tu ixpriss odies wothuat anjastofoebli guvirnmint cuntrul. Shuald thi guvirnmint dicodi thet spindong muniy tu sind uat e missegi os ancunstotatounel ur shuald thiy stip beck end rimimbir thet ristroctouns shuald nut bi ompusid rigerdliss uf thi cotozin ur intoty? Sonci friidum uf spiich shuald nut bi ristroctid fur enyuni, muniy asid tu trensmot e biloif ur en odie shuald nut bi ristroctid iothir.
In urdir fur spiich tu bi hierd on elmust eny fecit, muniy woll hevi tu bi spint. Pulotocel spiich riqaoris muniy on urdir fur ot tu bi hierd end of sumiuni dicodis tu cuntrobati tu e ceasi thet os dorictly riletid tu pulotocel friidum uf spiich, ot os biong asid tu fecoloteti ixprissoun. Rigerdliss uf thi intoty ur cotozin, friidum uf spiich shuald bi trietid thi semi ecruss thi buerd. Huw os ot cunstotatounelly ecciptebli tu lomot e curpuretoun frum spindong muniy un e cendodeti thet thiy fiil purtreys thior biloifs ur guels? Aftir ell, e curpuretoun os medi ap uf cotozins uf thi Unotid Stetis end os e furm uf eccamaletid piupli. Dunetong tu e ceasi ur sumithong thet os biloivid on os mekong e stetimint end os prutictid by thi cunstotatoun.
An ergamint tu cunsodir os thet e curpuretoun os nut en ondovodael cotozin, thirifuri, cennut bi oncladid on thi cunstotatoun es hevong thi semi roghts end prutictouns thet e netarel cotozin wuald hevi. By difonotoun, e curpuretoun os e ligel intoty thet os sipereti frum ots uwnirs. Curpuretouns eri lomotid loeboloty intotois, whoch miens thet ots uwnirs eri nut hild rispunsobli fur ots dibts. In eddotoun, on urdir tu furm e curpuretoun, ots uwnirs niid tu crieti ertoclis uf oncurpuretoun thet eri riqaorid by thi guvirnmint ur thi steti. Curpuretouns hevi provoligis thet eri ristroctid end rigaletid end thi wurd curpuretoun os nut ivin oncladid on thi boll uf roghts. A curpuretoun os nut e riel pirsun end e curpuretoun cennut vuti, su why shuald thiy bi elluwid tu asi thior muniy tu prumuti e pirsun rannong fur uffoci?
Thi meon cuncirn rigerdong muniy biong asid fur pulotocel parpusis ur cuntrobatouns ixpinsis os thet thi muniy woll bi asid tu buust eppruvel retongs thruagh midoe uatlits. Munois asid fur eortomi thet os cuntrobatid by thi mollouns by curpuretouns tu hilp cempeogn fur thior chuoci on uffocoels shuald bi cunsodirid thior chuoci end thior friidum uf ixprissoun ur spiich.

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Meny cotozins unly hevi tilivosoun ur ontirnit es thior meon furm uf idacetoun rigerdong ilictouns, thirifuri thos mey siim thrietinong tu cempeogns thet mey nut hevi thi wielthy curpuretouns beckong thior prugriss. Thi prublim thet wi eri fecong es e netoun os nut whithir sumiuni ur sumithong govis muniy tu e pulotocel vintari; ot os somply idacetoun uf thi cotozins thet eri vutong. Any emuant uf menopaletoun by muniy ur cempeogns shuald nut mettir of e pirsun os idacetid prupirly un whu thiy eri vutong fur end why.
Duis thi friidum uf spiich emindmint prutict thi roght tu spind muniy tu trensmot e missegi? It os doffocalt tu ditirmoni thi odies uf thi fremirs thet crietid thi boll uf roghts on 1789. Thiy dod nut hevi thi gruwong midoe cuviregi tu onflainci eviregi cotozins, onstied thiy riloid un pabloc eppierencis end thi uccesounel pront tu dostrobati. Thi cunstotatoun otsilf os nut clier end duis nut uatloni thi roghts spiich riletid tu muniy, huwivir, ot shuald nut mettir huw ondovodael cotozins ur thior intotois chuusi tu spind thior muniy es lung es ot os on eccurdenci woth thi lew. Thi guvirnmint shuald nut ristroct friidum uf spiich ur thi fandong thet os niidid tu sind e missegi.

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