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Freedom Of Speech On College Campuses Essay

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In her op-ed, "In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas", Shulevitz discusses the idea behind freedom of speech on college campuses and how safe spaces are snuffing it out. Shulevitz uses multiple examples of problems that have arisen because of safe spaces at universities such as Brown University, Columbia University, and Oxford 's University 's Christ Church college. Debate cancellations, essay opinions that caused protest, and other situations involving freedom of speech that Shulevitz uses to back up her opinion that safe spaces are nothing but harm to college campuses. According to Shulevitz Op-ed, safe spaces are nothing but an incubator that grows a festering amount of weak individuals who are destroying their social skills and developing an unreadiness for the real world. I do not agree with her opinion, I think that safe spaces were created with good intentions to help victims, but as times change, some have begun to be used for the reasons she has researched because of extremists and lack of understanding. However, when used correctly, safe spaces welcome freedom of speech and give victims tools to better their communication to deal with the harsh opinions of the world. Safe spaces often do not do justice because of fear many people fear about sharing their opinions, but maybe, when used correctly, that great benefits can come from taking part in a safe space.

It all depends on the school, members, and the leaders of a safe space to determine whether it will be effective. I had my own experience with participating in one of these groups. My freshmen year of high school I attended an assembly where the principal addressed the idea of safe spaces and the plan to incorporate them into our classrooms in hopes to give us a b...

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...y may be sensitive because students need to learn in order to grow. "Academic Freedom is the conviction that the freedom of inquiry by faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principals of academia, and the scholars should have freedom to teach or communicate ideas and facts." ( ). I am a new college student who should have the freedom to communicate my ideas and should listen to the ideas of others. While I disagree with Shulevitz thoughts on safe spaces, I acknowledge and can see the point she is making. Freedom of speech has never been an easy thing, it causes problems, fights, even wars, but yet we need it to fix those problems, fights, and wars. I am weary on sharing my opinion so I do not think I would join a safe space on campus if offered, but I do not think the idea of one at Kirkwood would be a bad idea at all.

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