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America is often thought of as secular nation. Since Europeans came over to America, the development of religion has been challenging. Many claim that America is the land of Christianity but is this true? Religion in America has changed as new groups and ways of living have been introduced. The implementation of the freedom of religion has allowed us to choose how we wish to practice our religion, although Christianity has remained a major religion in America. As time has gone on, America has pulled away from being predominately Christian. America is becoming more secular and moving away from religion which can be seen with the song Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse. Some reasons for this secularization include political stand points and modernization.
One major reason that Europeans came to American was to find a land of religious freedom. They were tired of forced beliefs and religious oppression. According to the Smithsonian, the majority of early-generation Americans were Christian. From when the Europeans arrived to America and claimed the land, religion has been a subject that has separated people and caused discrimination. Although the goal was to escape religious oppression, it was virtually unavoidable. When the British colonies were first formed, various Christian groups tried to implement strict religion observation through colonial government and local town rules. (Facing History and Ourselves). Some of these laws commanded that everyone must attend a house of worship and also pay taxes that finance the salaries of ministers. In some colonies, if you failed to practice the “correct” version of Christianity and instead practiced your own version, or followed a non-Christian religion you risked the possibility of be...

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... represents disbelief and secularity in modern culture.
In conclusion, religion in the United States has always been a key principle. Christianity was America’s primary religion. In fact, people refer to America as the country of Christianity. However, America is a religiously diverse country. The diversity can be credited to our freedom of religion. Freedom of religion was included in our constitution to protect us from Congress making laws that would infringe on the free expression of religion. Having freedom of religion has allowed us to make our own decisions about whether to practice a religion, and which religion to practice if applicable. This freedom of religion has allowed many Americans to choose to not participate in religion and live a secular lifestyle. America is becoming more secular and religion has become less of important idea in today’s society.

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