Freedom of Press in Cuba

Freedom of Press in Cuba

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Cuba has very low rank in World Press Freedom index by Reporters Without Borders. World Press Freedom index places Cuba at No. 171 out of 181. Cuba is the world known country because of political issues and government mechanism. Cuba is socialism country so it is very close to communism, what means that the government has the first position and controls everything. Cuba has the most restrictive laws on freedom of speech. Since Cuba became socialism country, the government manages each work. There is only one party in Cuba, which is called PPC* and only this party is able to join the government. The Reporters Without Borders sorted the countries in the Index by checking the six criteria: Pluralism, Media independence, Transparency, Legislative framework, Infrastructure, Environment and self-censorship. From the World press index we can find the meaning of each criteria. Cuba’s place of 171 on the 2013 World Press Freedom Index is because Cuba is a socialism country where the press is strictly controlled by government.
Firstly I would like to tell you about Pluralism and Media independence. The explanation of Pluralism in the article is: “Pluralism Measures the degree to which opinions are represented in the media”. The explanation of Media independence in the article is: “Media independence measures the degree to which the media are able to function independently of the authorities". There is no media independence in Cuba at all. Everything what is digital is controlled by government. The laws for media are very strict and the population is not happy about it. The government should definitely give more freedom for people in both media and political pluralism.
Other two criteria are Transparency and Legislative framework. In the World Press Freedom article Transparency explained as it “Measures the transparency of the institutions” and the Legislative framework explained as it “Analyses the quality of the legislative framework and measures its effectiveness”. The laws in Cuba allow only one party to legislate, so none of other party don’t have any permission to legislate. To improve Transparency and Legislative framework the government of Cuba should change their laws for legislation and access more than one party to legislate. Also, in Cuba the price for media, technologies and other production is very high. The government should give more freedom for the private organizations to produce, so the technologies will be cheaper.
The last criteria are Infrastructure, Environment and self-censorship.

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Infrastructure measures the quality of the infrastructure that supports the production of news and information. Environment and self-censorship analyses the environment in which journalists work. Cubans government inspects every media, and if this media abuses the government, they punish media maker and put him into prison. This cannot mean freedom for people or for journalists. Citizens in Cuba have huge limitations to trade information to people from other countries. The most part of citizens can't access other countries Internet web pages, articles and news. However, people can travel to Cuba, and Cubans can travel other countries. The problem is that Cuba is still socialism country, so people do not have enough money to travel to other countries, in other words people are poor. Cubans government should make big changes to get better living standards.
Cubans ranking of 171 out of 181 on the 2013 World Press Freedom Index is a result of six factors. Firstly, a lack of media independence and a political pluralism. Secondary, the lack of transparency and a clear legislative framework. Finally, poor infrastructure in the country, poverty and environment, self-censorship are a major factors. Therefore, when these factors are taking with consideration, it becomes obvious why Cuba has a very low press freedom rank.

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