Essay on The Freedom Of Choose Your Pronoun By Jennifer Conlin

Essay on The Freedom Of Choose Your Pronoun By Jennifer Conlin

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How do you describe yourself? What is gender to you? Are you comfortable with yourself? In “The Freedom to Choose Your Pronoun” by Jennifer Conlin, she talks about high school and college students who question the gender roles being assigned to individuals due to being born female or male. Supporters of preferred gender pronouns (also known as P.G.P’s), are glad to be able to choose their own pronoun as in to how they feel about their selves and not in how society sees them. In agreement to Conlin, anyone deserves the right to choose their own pronoun at whatever age desired, if someone feels confused of what they feel within themselves, they shouldn’t hide it, they should speak up and receive support to decide what they really want their sexual identity to be. Although, becoming a transgender should be allowed only to those over age who can make their own life decisions. Any type of identification card should only classify either male or female and not go through gender neutrality. Society does make a very important influence in our lives but it’s only our inner feelings that will tell us if we are happy or not.
Primarily, when an individual’s gender type is female, it’s only natural for females to be called, she, her, hers, while a male is he, his, or him. For those who feel unsure of their inner feeling of their sex they prefer to be described as other, they, or them. For example, in “The freedom to Choose Your Pronoun” by Conlin, she talks about the 16 year old Katy, who mentions ‘For those of us in the nonconforming gender community, it is great to see Google make the option more mainstream’”. Teenagers are by nature prone to rebellion and sometimes only act a certain way to make parents or others mad or just to give the c...

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...d choose for any individual if he or she wants to be called the opposite of their transgender if they are old enough or at least conscious enough to decide for themselves. Biologically we are born one way and as time passes we decide to change our views or thoughts. If anyone is uncomfortable with something then why not change it, why not be happy if you have the opportunity to do so. Personally I believe we need to accept people just the way they want to be accepted. If we do not agree to something we should give them our opinion but we do not have any right to disrespect their decisions. With so many organizations and clubs all over the place, it is easier for someone to legally change their sex and pronoun as well. To have the freedom to choose your pronoun is just like having the freedom everyone deserves to live comfortably with themselves anywhere they are at.

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