Essay about Freedom For The People Of El Salvador

Essay about Freedom For The People Of El Salvador

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The Path to Democracy in El Salvador
In a country full of conflict, uneven distribution of wealth, and a corrupt system of government, there comes a time when the people have had enough. The people of El Salvador had been dealing with living conditions far less than adequate. Some would say the working conditions of these people is closer to slavery than it is to a job. The labor force of El Salvador rotates around the giant coffee industry that is controlled by the lucky few dozen families with all of the money. These families control a major part of the economy of El Salvador. The people moved to expand the distribution of wealth out of the elite causing a civil war. The route to freedom for the people of El Salvador was a route of constant failure and violence. I believe that the path to democracy needs to start with modernization of the country before making the shift to a democratic society because it is necessary to have a country that is relatively stable, a society that is progressive with education, infrastructure, and an economy that will promote the benefits of an economy. You cannot pursue democracy when your country is in the midst of a war against itself. It is also necessary to change the mindset of the elite to see the benefits of a democracy so power can then be distributed more equally. El Salvador is an example of a country that really struggled to earn status as a democracy because of all of the instability that caused a rough road to political change.
There are two basic theories to understanding the reasoning behind modernizing before moving towards democracy. The first is the idea of structural theory. This basic concept of this is that correlation exists between democracy and how a nation is structured me...

... middle of paper ...

...he people of El Salvador went to pursue democracy the hard way. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor a country is, there is always a place to start making steps to become a modernized country. Small steps such as improving education throughout the country and forming a stronger infrastructure are critical. It is necessary for a nation such as El Salvador to work to change the mindset of the elite to see the benefits of democracy. The only way to do that is to better educate the young to see these benefits. Eventually, that nation will become more and more modernized, making their path towards democracy easier. El Salvador proved modernizing first is not technically crucial, but everybody wants to take the path of less resistance. The best solution to reaching a democratic society is to become modernized. It is the best solution to following the way of the west.

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