Freedom Comes Within And Without Essay

Freedom Comes Within And Without Essay

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Blaise A. Broussard
English 1001 Section
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Happy Swimming
Freedom comes within and without. Internally, freedom within is the idea of free thought and reasoning with the ability to decide the perception of life that’s most appealing. However this internal freedom within is often hindered by the external limitations on the out of body freedoms without. To obtain a happy sustainable sense of free thinking, mankind must practice the correct freedoms within and the freedoms without. The freedoms within comes from being aware of all that is happening as well as all the possibilities. The freedom without is the ability to remove oneself from any given situation and look at it from an entirely different perspective and appreciation.
In the commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace, “On Life and Work”, he recognizes our “natural default settings” of thought that we revert back to in everyday life. Wallace continues that all of one’s life he or she has been taught to think that they are the center of the universe, the hero of their own story. With this way of thinking, people are often denying themselves aspects of freedom. They are essentially cutting themselves off from the world as well as others. Wallace expresses that in order to lead a happier life, mankind must abandon this sense of entitlement and become considerate of others’ stories. This argument is successfully presented through Wallace’s analogic reasoning, appeal to human emotion, as well as his persona’s reputation for swimming through the highs and lows life has to offer.
To know life’s difficulties and hardship, Wallace had to first experience them himself. Born to college professor parents, Wallace was exposed to high levels of th...

... middle of paper ...

...he awareness of abandoning entitlement and caring about other people day in and day out. Freedom comes first from within, realizing that center of the universe is not one’s self but the unison of mankind as a whole. Freedom comes without the natural default setting designed in the masses of society. Wallace’s evidence fully supports his passion for the day in day out routine. At times he himself may have been the person in the SUV as well as the person getting cut off. What matters most in the speech is the rationality of considering all the possibilities while swimming through this water called life. People must swim with the notion of within and without; swimming within the water alongside those hardships as well as swimming without, essentially removing oneself from the water to recognize all the possibilities. This is water, and this is the key to happy swimming.

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